What Karma Means And How To Clear It

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Maybe you are curious about what karma means and what you can do about it.

In this article I want to share ways to clear negative karma, increase the good karma and why it should be something you pay attention to.

Do you want to live a deeply fulfilled life?

Then I would highly recommend understanding what karma means so you can live a wishes fulfilled life.

Karma is essentially your actions creating a reaction in your personal reality.

Depending on the karma whether it is good or bad we will reap the rewards or the suffering.

No one escapes their karma.

Whether the karma gets fulfilled in this life or your next life depends on your own situation.

What Karma Means and Clearing Your Negative Karma?

  • Be pure about your intentions. Ask yourself are my intentions pure? Where am I coming from by acting, speaking or thinking this?

As soon as we take a pause and focus on the space we are coming from we can easily learn to shift our karma.

Here is an example: I want to come from the heart and so I am choosing to handle this situation from this place.

Or my intention is to understand what karma means, clear the bad kind, increase the good and live my dharma from the heart.

  • Practice with simple situations first that are much easier than the big ones in your life.
    Maybe you pass someone in the mornings at your work that you feel a strange energy with.
    It is likely your karma creating this so watch where you are coming from first so your thoughts shift on their own.

Perhaps that one is harder for you. Maybe start with your pets or a less charged situation and build your intention muscle.

  • With those that you have substantial negative karma with in your life first remember it is best to have a light touch relationship with these charged situations.
    We are not interested in making the karma worse by feeding the situation further.

So instead of harping on it or dwelling on it we can say something like this:

I forgive you for what you have done to me.

I forgive myself for what I have done to you or in a past life. Please forgive me, thank you. I set you free and me free.

  • What was the seed of benefit in this seemingly adverse situation? Or What did I learn from it?

We must come from our wise elder self to find the benefit or the lesson so we can move on and not keep going back to the same karmic loop.

Then you really have to start letting go of the situation with pure intentions so you can move on.

  • Next you really want to start focusing on your dharma or purpose in life.

If you wake up with a clear declaration for living on purpose you are not going to have time to get caught up in the world drama so much.

Living from this space you are going to be in a sort of graceful flow with your Soul’s original purpose and mission.

So if you get stuck in karma do your best to resolve it energetically, have a light touch relationship with the situation to not feed the fire, then stay committed to your highest calling.

This would mean your thoughts, words and deeds are all pointing towards your divine mission.

what karma means

We Create Our Destiny

Knowing what karma means makes you more in control of your life outcome.

The only true security in this world is our own Karma and the knowing our Creator has our back. There is no other real security.

Rely on your good karma and clear out your negative karma. Keep yourself on a purpose filled mission so you no longer have time to get lost in drama and unnecessary karmic situations.

Connect with that which made you so that your life has strength from your Original Home.

We all have negative karma that we need to learn and grow from. That is a great thing. We have to find the lesson in it and make a positive change so that we don’t keep repeating that lesson.

Let me know what you think about karma and living your dharma in the messages below. For a guided meditation to overcome the things that trigger you and keep you from clearing karma check out my guided meditation here.

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