Free Yourself – A Guided Meditation to Release Emotional Triggers with Theta Healing Binaural Beats

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Free Yourself from negative thought loops, emotional patterns that limit your ability to move forward in life with this guided meditation.

Embedded with theta binaural beats to enhance your connection with Great Spirit and deeper healing.

Moving forward in one’s life in a positive light can be challenging if old programs continue to play out.

We are the Creators of our reality.

In this meditation we will go through a process to dissolve unwanted stuck patterns in the psyche.  Create new healthy pathways in your brain & psyche.

Enjoy this meditation when you need to clear the wounds or programs that trigger you.

Initiate a new better version of yourself by taking the time to do this meditation whenever you are in your head too much. Enhances with Theta Binaural Beats for Deep Healing and Restoration.

Feel more like your true self & the way you were designed to live.


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