What is Calcification and How Can We Reverse it?

Calcification in the body is a hardening of the body parts that interfere with normal functioning of our system.

It causes pain and weakness in the body.

When joints feel stiff and we have any inflammation we can be sure that calcification is rapidly taking over the body.

In the beginning of our lives we have abundance Hydrogen in our bodies; into our adult life Calcium tends to take over the body, we have the choice to take responsibility and educate ourselves on what calcification is and how to regain our birthright of a healthy body.

Have you ever seen someone whom is hunched over and using a cane?

They are highly calcified. The body no longer has the flexibility nor the structure to hold itself up properly.

This condition is a huge factor into why we age.

Calcification is essentially a build up of nano-bacteria that gravitate to the weak parts of the body.

One way you know your weak areas might be during a fast.

If a certain area of the body hurts like your hip joints or your neck this is a great indicator that the calcification is localized in this area.

Other forms of calcification in the body are gallstones and kidney stones.

We do require good calcium and while cleansing the body green leafy vegetables gives the body the appropriate calcium required.

Below is a list of things that are caused by Calcification:

Brain Tumor
Gum Disease
Breast Cancer
Ovarian Cysts

And these are just a few.

Here are some great tools to reverse a Calcified Body:

Cellular Communication:
Get Clear and Complete with the Past
Positive Affirmations
EFT work
Emotional Balancing
Affirm and Declare your Freedom for a wonderful life with health and vitality.

Cellular Exercise
Breath Work

Cellular Nutrition
Spring Water or a well structured/vortexed and purified water.
Fulvic Acid
DMSO (topically)
Zeolites liquid or powder

Cellular Environment
Grounding with the Earth for a minimum of 10-15 minutes a day. 1-2 hours is ideal.
Lessen EMF exposure (electro magnetic frequencies come from televisions, phone towers, electrical outlets, wireless devices etc).

A note on Fluoride– Fluoride is incredibly toxic. It calcifies the body especially the pineal gland that is where our intuition and ability to think clearly lies.

Make sure your drinking water and the water you clean and bathe in is free of this lethal substance. Most commercial toothpastes have fluoride.

These above recommendations coupled with a live plant based diet rich in chlorophyll and magnesium will keep the body alkaline and the blood flowing clean and free.

Keeping the immune system strong and healthy during this time is crucial so cultured vegetables; Probiotics, Enzymes, Medicinal Mushrooms and Bio- Available Vitamin C are crucial Try Camu Camu power or Lycium (Goji) Powder.

There is so much more on this subject. I recommend reading or listening to David Wolfe’s protocol for decalcifying. Much of what I have shared here is from studying and researching his longevity program.

7 thoughts on “What is Calcification and How Can We Reverse it?”

  1. botanicalbutterfly

    Could you please recommend a water filter? I drink an insane amount of water everyday, but it’s tap water! Yikes! Thank you!!! Bests, Trina

    1. Greetings Trina,

      I suggest a 4 stage filter or beyond. The main 4 filters you will require are:
      Chlorine Removal
      Sediment Removal
      Fluoride Removal
      Carbon Block

      The Carbon block will remove lead, volatile organic compounds, chlorine, chloramine, asbestos etc.

      This would be what I would use to wash my hands and clean with etc as the vibration that tap water holds is still un satisfactory in my humble opinion. If you can find a local spring that is your best choice for drinking, https://www.findaspring.com. This will give you access to the closet spring near you.

      For your shower get an Omica Shower Filter. This is the best I have found and I have met the owner several times…he is serious about health.

      If you live in Southern California you can go to GHC 4 Health (Laguna Woods) and get living water from them. When I don’t have spring water this is what I drink.

      Let me know if you have further questions. All the Best!!!

  2. Alessandro, I would think it does get alot of the particulates out however since water does hold and store energy signatures I would think any tap water has some negative programs that would need to be changed. I would also vortex the water and test it for contaminates. I have seen some pretty remarkable filters using different types of crystals/stones. The crystals seem to change the energy signature of the water in a positive way. Distilling water can be good for small periods of time if one is cleansing but i think over all it pulls to many minerals out of the body.

  3. all of what was shared above in the article supports the dissolving of calcification. Proper mineral balance is foundational as well as maintaining a proper acid/alkaline balance. Drinking a low tds water or distilled also helps. Apple Cider Vinegar is also great for dissolving the build up. Ultimately cleansing the organs and then changing lifestyle habits is the way to flexible health veins.

  4. Hi T.B. If I was you I would take Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times a day in purified water. This help to decalify. I wonder what part of the world you live? The reason I ask is do you get plenty of sun exposure? Vitamin D3 is very important in bone repair. I also would suggest raw grass fed butter as the work of Weston Price can teach you more about its profound effects on bone density. I like that it is from food source so our body recognizes it and is in perfect proportion to vitamin k2..which is very important for our bones…majorly lacking in our populations diet. Try Kerrygold unsalted if you dont have access to raw organic. Stay alkaline, check first morning urine ph and make sure you are getting plenty of minerals from a high quality greens mix powder. Xrays weaken the field, so i suggest detoxing from the radiation exposure with clay baths. I recommend zeolite clay. Many Blessings to your radiant health. Love, Dodee

  5. Aloha, I am actually not a Doctor and i don’t offer medical advice, its best to seek a real medical professional. I just share what works for me. Sounds to me like you are on the right track. Keep growing, keep glowing and let go of anything not serving you, feel the body relax, if the body is stiff in any way the mind is also stiff. ask yourself what is the shoulder pain? then when u realize what it is deep down let it go and forgive:) love n bless, dodhisattva

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