The Ultimate Hair Health Guide For Genuine Results

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In this article I want to share with you my best tips for natural and non toxic hair health. Let’s go over the key factors so you can implement them and get real results.

First Component of Hair Health is Internal Health

It might be a given for some but as you age if something is off in your body then unfortunately your hair is one of the first things to suffer.

The reason is because hair is not as important to your body as keeping your vital organs working correctly.

So if they have to choose between your hair and your insides you can guess your inside organs will win every time. Here are some of the key issues when it comes to hair health.

  • Thyroid Issues
  • Low Iron
  • Gut Dysbiosis or Leaky Gut
  • Inflammation
  • Other Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Heavy Metal or Parasite

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With this short but powerful list you can start to probe and figure out if you need to work on any of these areas.

Are you eating an inflammatory diet? Do you need to do a cleanse of some type of metal or parasite?

If your iron is low or you have anemia this can definitely cause hair issues.

Make sure you are taking a quality B12 supplement no matter if you are a carnivore or vegan. B12 is one of the hardest nutrients to absorb.

Are you absorbing nutrients properly or does your gut need some love and attention?

Taking steps to get to the root issue is the best place to start.

Our thyroid is very delicate and requires the right nourishment to stay optimized.

Think zinc, selenium, d3 and b12 to start.

Non Toxic Hair Health Products

What kind of products are you using on your hair and body?

Whatever we put on our scalp and skin we absorb into the body.

If the ingredients list is full of chemicals and words you can’t pronounce that is a good indicator that they are not good for the body.

Your liver has to work hard to process these things and then in turn creates a toxic burden for the organs.

Focus on using non toxic hair products like those at Morocco Method.

They offer the most amazing wild and organic shampoos, soaps, conditioners and hair tonic sprays any where.

It may take a little getting used to their products like the shampoo for example.

It is more like a mud and you can dilute it with water to get it to spread easier onto your scalp. The nutrients you get from their shampoo is simply unparalleled. Use it as a therapeutic way to heal the scalp and hair.

Condition for Genuine Hair Health Results

Depending on the porosity of your hair will depend on how much you can use deep conditioning masks.

But we can likely agree that most everyone can benefit whether weekly or monthly from a deep condition treatment.

The winter and summer months are most harsh on our hair with extreme temperatures.

Make a ritual once a week to take the time to utilize a deep conditioner and let your hair soak in all those nutrients.

Use a heat cap or warm towel to let it really absorb for an hour.

Doing this can help reduce breakage, nourish and strengthen the hair.

Scalp Massage for Hair Health

Consider using a scalp massaging tool so you can stimulate new growth.

This helps to bring blood flow to the area. Think about how gravity works.

We stand all day long or sit. This means we are not getting much blood flow to our head.

doing hand stands, head stands or an inversion table. Make this apart of your normal routine so you can get proper nutrients and blood flow to the scalp.

Stress Less

The more we stress the more we hold tension in the upper part of our body.

When our body feels the fight or flight response we are sending signals of survival through out our body. Do your best to not be hard on yourself and practice self care rituals.

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In case you want to check out non toxic hair products for hair health results on August 30th Morrocco Method will do a sale of 30% off the entire store. I look forward to hearing about your results in the comments below.

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