9 Best Healthy Gifts We’ve Found Online

healthy gifts

Healthy holiday gifts are some of my very favorite kinds of gifts.


If you are shopping for gifts for healthy people or want to get some healthy stocking stuffers then check out my top 9 healthy holiday gifts in this post.

1. Frankincense Essential Oil

This tops healthy gifts and healthy stocking stuffer ideas.

Frankincense boosts the immune system and is wonderful to put in your face skin oil for glowing, healthy skin.

Perhaps you’ve seen the tik tok videos of people using castor oil and frankincense essential oil for the best skin ever!

Knowing that it was one of the Magi’s gifts to baby Jesus is pretty blessed in and of itself. 

So why not give that sacred gift to another so they can stay healthy and strong this holiday season.

2. Cryo Sticks

 Next on my list for healthy stocking stuffers and healthy gifts are cryo sticks or ice globes on Amazon.

Get a natural depuff and face lift without harmful chemicals and toxins in the comfort of your own home.

These are made of 304 grade stainless steel and not cheap metals that may harm the body.

Simply put them in the freezer and when ready to use put a quality jojoba oil on the skin as it is most easy to absorb.

Then begin going over the face with the instructions included in the package.

These make for an epic stocking stuffer or gift idea for the health conscious person in your life.

They come with a nice storage case and the reviews are off the charts for these to shape, lift, tone and de puff the face naturally.

3. Gua Sha Tool

 The next healthy gift idea on my list is a Gua Sha Tool.

A healthy person is into self care and that means doing face yoga, face massage and using the gua sha tool to get a sculpted face.

Be sure to get a true and genuine stone and not just glass or a metal one.  I love this one on Amazon.

It also has the grooved end so that you can use it on your scalp for a full face, neck and scalp massage.

4. Maverick Face Creme

 If you are looking for a “healthy gift for him” I love this Maverick Face Creme.

The fragrance is from essential oils and it really has a more woodsy fragrance with frankincense and sandal wood oils.

It is wild crafted, vegan with no strange synthetic ingredients and comes in a miron glass jar. 

It has a nice weight to it.

It is perfect for after shaving. 

5. Kyocera Ceramic Knife

These are literally my favorite knifes ever. 

The kyocera black ceramic knife is super sleek and with a ceramic knife there is much less oxidation to fruits and veggies when cutting.

Any health conscious person will want a ceramic knife when they are making their favorite recipes.

You can grab the chef’s knife or even the set here on Amazon.

6. Super Fruit Face Mask

You may want to give yourself a healthy gift because this super fruit mask is divine.

Brimming with anti-oxidants to give you that special glow this is sure to pamper your face like nothing else.

It is made in micro batches with powerful super fruits!

You can check out the mask and other epic self care products here.

And you can use this coupon at check out for 10% off: DODHISATTVA

7. Rosemary Hair Growth Oil

Number 7 on my list of healthy holiday gifts is rosemary hair growth oil. 

This can be a stocking stuffer or boxed gift.

Any health or self care enthusiast will love this castor oil and rosemary infusion to benefit the luster and growth of the hair in an all natural way.

We know that castor and rosemary are all the rage lately and this combo is sure to impact hair health and growth in a non toxic way.

8. Tea Tumbler 

Next healthy gift is a tea tumbler. This is perfect for a health enthusiast as they likely love herbal teas. 

This vessel is perfect to take on the go.

You can brew your favorite herbs and feel safe knowing it is BPA free.

9. Diffuser

One of my favorite healthy gift ideas is a diffuser for those high quality essential oils.

Having a diffuser in the house will prevent coughs, colds and make the house smell wonderful without toxins.

Whether you want the smell of Christmas in the house or you want to keep your house disinfected have an essential oil diffuser is key!

There is a great diffuser on Amazon here. It also works as a humidifier. 

This post covers my top 9 healthy gift ideas for that health advocate in your family. We gave you some healthy stocking stuffer ideas and even large gifts like the rebounder.

If you want more ideas you can see my recommendations page. 

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