Top 5 Tips To Overcome Anxiety Without Meds

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How do you overcome anxiety without meds? Anxious minds are running rampant and it doesn’t help that many media outlets have made it a fad in a way.

Did you know that your brain shrinks on average about 4% per year? Yikes!

Your brain health has a lot to do with how you feel.

You know what else has to do with an anxious mind?

Yup you guessed it your gut health.

But there practical and natural ways you can help increase your brain size and control the way you feel.

Let me share a few simple tips.

Best 5 Tips To Overcome Anxiety Without Meds?

Simple steps to Anxiety Relief

Breathing exercises


Sealing the gut lining with key nutrients

Eating whole organic foods

Prioritizing Self Care Routine

Breathing Low, Slow and Deep

Slowing down a racing mind has a lot to do with the pace of your breath. When you slow down your breathing and choose long, slow, deep belly breaths your mind often starts to be soothed and calm down.

Get out in nature and soak in the good vibes around you.


Meditating it a way to increase your brain size and also make you more aware of the negative thought patterns or loops you allow to play out in your mind.


It can make you conscious of the things you think that contribute to anxiety so then you can take control back and choose a different neural net to strengthen in your brain that contributes to a more calm and ease filled life.

Best way to start is upon rising each morning for 10 or 15 minutes.

Just set a timer and go to a consistent, quiet place each morning.

Choosing the same area to meditate builds the vibrations in that area and it creates a peaceful area for your mind to associate it with.

Healthy Diet Practices

If your diet has been other than the best ever simply choosing to stay hydrated, eat whole organic foods and taking key supplements to seal your gut can be a game changer.

If there are wholes in the gut this is known as a leaky gut and it irritates the stomach, which can irritate your mind. Remember it’s all connected.


Harvard Health states, In this study In mice, diets low in magnesium were found to increase anxiety-related behaviors. Foods naturally rich in magnesium may, therefore, help a person to feel calmer. Examples include leafy greens, such as spinach and Swiss chard. Other sources include legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

Source: Harvard Health

Natural Supplements that can help with Anxiety

Here are a few of my favorite supplements that can help with anxiety and gut health:





Enzyme Therapy

Prioritize Self Care

I want to point out that telling your own vision and removing the saturation of content out there can free of your mind and heal up the soul.

It can give you a clear outlook and lessen outside influence telling you things that may or may not be true.

This is why prioritizing offline activities can really help on your anxiety journey.

Go within and invest time in activities that give you a rest from those media outlets.

Find the power within yourself and hold that vision.

I would recommend getting a firm grasp on that aspect of yourself before going back to being a constant consumer and instead a creator of your highest vision.

And why not meditate on that version of yourself while taking a magnesium bath for extra calm and self care!

These are the magnesium flakes I like to load up a bath with Magnesium Flakes.

Step Into the New Stress Free You


At this point you have an edge, a strong flame burning inside which is your soul and it will be hard to distinguish it.

The will you have inside, the truth of who you are has no anxious energy but instead a steadfast, connected, calm and sacred tone that radiates through out this universe.

It holds the keys of your true calling and it brings about a glow coat of awareness around you.

Note: I would also look into cleansing your liver to balance mood and anxiety issues. Here is a link to my free liver cleanse mini course: Liver Cleanse Mini Course

You may also enjoy my free course on ending anxious feelings and lack of self worth here: How To End Insecure & Unworthy Feelings For Good

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