How to Create a Stress Resistant Body and Stay Healthy.

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Top tips for a Stress Resistant Body

In these modern times with things changing rapidly for all of us how can we keep our bodies healthy and stress resistant?

In this blog post I will go over a few tips I have to keep your body strong and healthy as you face day to day life stressors whether it be from the environment, food or emotional/mental stressors.

My top two tips are the following:

Board of Habits

Create a board of some sort (for me it is a dry erase board in my kitchen) of your daily/weekly habits.

This way you are held accountable to check them off. When you have things organized in your mind you won’t “worry” as much but actually be able to have clear habits and goals to follow through on.

Self Care

The other thing is to commit to a meditation and heart focused practice daily.

I like to do this practice 3 times per day as this is a foundation to inhibiting stress from taking you over. It also increases your immune system and heart bank reserves and creates a new neural pattern in your brain.

With  less  brain activity in fight or flight you have more room to create from a place of strength and calm.       

Stress Resistant Body

The daily and weekly habits can be for your meditations, a detox program, best health/hygiene practices, certain supplements that are important to you or maybe it is an exercise  routine or infrared sauna sessions you like to follow.

Create check boxes to ensure you follow your goals through out the day.

For ideas on hygiene strategies check out my book:  The Hygiene Hand Book Here.

When it comes to tips on supplements I recommend it is frequency and season specific depending on what might be happening for you.

Seasonal Habits for Stress

My personal protocol is different in Spring time than it would be in Winter time.

For example in the winter, I focus on immunity strength in these colder months and lots of inner meditation/heart practices.

Things like zinc, vitamin c and vitamin d from food derived origins are staples in my winter health and stress resistant charts.

In the Spring its’ all about newness and aliveness.

The Spring cleanse kicks off the season for me and I get into lighter, fresher foods.

Eating healthy and foods that make you feel and look good can eliminate some of your stress.

If you eat junk food all the time you will likely feel down and not so great about yourself.

At the same time judging or criticizing yourself is not helpful either.

Take notice of the things that make you feel your best and do that more often.

Supplemental Foods For Stress

I also like getting in wild/whole food B vitamins from things like royal jelly and Chaga to handle the stress of a modern life.

You can even get relief from mild anxiety by replenishing your body with B vitamins.

Check out these B vitamins for anxiety and depression.

Moving and exercising the body is important to keep its vitality but what type of exercise gives you the most bang for your health?

For me it is rebounding and kundalini yoga sets.

The rebounder is a cell oscillator and also works as an anti aging tool as it lifts and tones the body. It helps keep the sewage system cleaned out as the lymph gets pumped each time we bounce while toning and tightening the skin.

But did you know it also calms your brain waves and puts you into a deeper meditative like state?

Perhaps you could take a up a dance class or tai chi practice.

Whatever floats your boat but movement and exercise help the happy molecules in your body multiply.

Kundalini yoga works on the inner and outer landscape of our bodies.

To me this is a two for one expanding consciousness while physically exercising the body.

I find it powerful to keep myself healthy and steady. It is a tune up for the physical and non physical bodies. To me it is the ultimate tune up.

Other Tools for a Stress Resistant Body

I feel weekly sauna sessions and detoxification regimes are important cycles to go through each year.

This helps to free our bodies of chemical stress.

Whether you are working on heavy metal removal, bio toxins like mold or fungus or another issues there is a protocol for each to be followed and a goal chart helps you stay consistent with your supplementation and practices.

Getting in the flow of your lifestyle changes

To start any new endeavor you first have to commit to begin.

Once  you  get  in  a flow  it  will  be  much  easier  but  taking  the  first  step  is  often times the hardest but most crucial step.

Something I find helpful is to change the set up in your kitchen and make healthy living accessible and at your finger tips.

If you can get a new device for your kitchen like a high powered vitamix and leave it out you are more apt to use it.

Get rid of foods that don’t serve you or your new choices and clean out the refrigerator by starting fresh.

Cellular Environment Helpers for Stress

Consider changing the mood and energy in your home. Can you commit to know television?

The television is a mind programmer.

Why not create your own vision and find other things to do with your time that are more creative that could use your talents and abilities.

The Great Outdoors

Get outside more often and absorb natures beauty. This is one of the ultimate tranquilizers. Its free and abundant! 

High Vibe Tunes

Listen to higher vibrational music and get some fresh air into your space.

Getting rid of clutter can clear up the mind. When we don’t look at junk and a mess piling up it helps to ease our internal state.

A couple hours before bed end the use of digital devices or if that can’t happen for you start using blue blight blocking glasses so that your body is ensured the most epic nights sleep.

End the day with a magnesium bath or foot soak.

Getting into the habit of creating a calming ritual for yourself before bed can be a fundamental way to ensure stress does not creep back up into your life.

Remember that you can always control your breath with a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing.

And if you need to write out your thoughts before bed or do forgiveness work this is the time to do it.

Getting a clear and peaceful nights rest can make all the difference for your next day of creation on planet earth!

Closing Thoughts

Remember that your personal best is going to be different than everyone else’s.

That is the beauty of life as we are all unique souls interfacing with one another.

The way you show up as your best version is following the program and path that highlights your highest visions.

When you live from this place it is hard to shake you no matter what is happening around you.

With meditation your faith builds and this is an invisible aura of confidence that pierces through adversity, doubt and stress.

Stress does not have to be the automatic pilot you are set on.

If you make a concerted effort to end the cycle of stress little by little you will see results. For coaching sessions head over to my Shop page to get guided assistance with a destress program or detox program.

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