The Power To Retreat

Swimming Hole

Have you considered the power to disengage from the world you know and retreat into the unknown?

Like a powerful creator if we can harness the ability to retreat on a consistent basis we gain new perspectives on life.

We also learn how to think critically and not agree with everyone or thing in sight.

Today more than ever our power to retreat is an important aspect of anyone looking to attain a level of self mastery today and unlock their genius to be more of a contribution.

We are inundated with mass media, billboards and advertisements galore.

Are you careful of what you suscept yourself to on a daily basis?

Those living in major cities are more influenced and those that tune into social media more often than not.

We can also become extremely desensitized and might even pick up subliminal lucifarian programming as the symbols are everywhere including on the popular singers and actors outfits in the United States like Lady Gaga.

How are you programming yourself?

Do you first program yourself with meditation and facing yourself each day?

The power to retreat gives us the power to self correct.

We can see ourselves from the observer or the witness and then without judgement make the corrections in our daily lives that are more in alignment with our highest self.

This anchors in our peaceful state and strengthens that favorable aspect of self in our lives.

This past week I had the opportunity to go off grid with some family of mine and be in a very pristine part of the Pacific North West.

It was a time to retreat and charge up my power to get clear and tune into the consciousness of the cosmos, of nature and of my own inner guidance.

It was an opportunity to sit inside a red wood tree and download its’ consciousness.

Speaking of the great Redwood Trees they are the oldest living organisms on our forest floors.

They are awe-inspiring and I feel that they silence us with their majesty and noble presence.

If one wants to serve and help others, they could learn from the great redwood tree.

The redwood tree provides service without hardly making a sound!

It is the presence of these powerful trees that give off so much energetic healing.

After time amongst these great giants you feel lifted emotionally and spiritually.

You feel connected to life more and to your true nature.

The power to retreat is a wise way to become a more powerful being, to recognize the false from the the truth, to have discernment and to be able to connect in with the deep peace that gives us the confidence to go through life and all its’ offerings.

The power of retreat can give you sanity, soul cleansing and confidence to live out your mission grounded in peace.

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