The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals and Gemstones of the earth are some of the most powerful ways to heal our bodies and souls.

The earth heals us through its circadian rhythms. When we ground on the earth we allow our bodies to be in harmony with the natural life power. T

his ensures a grounded healthy body system.

The earth gives us crystals and gem stones to learn from and heal with.

How comforting to know our Mama Earth supplies us with our every need, all ways.

As we are sentient beings so are these earth crystals. All crystals have properties and benefits for us humans.

Find a crystal that resonates with you and learn about that crystal or stone and allow it to communicate with you for the next 30 days.

See how things shift in your reality and consciousness because of this stone.

Crystals are our friends and they can be charged and cleared by placing them on the earth.

If you’ve acquired a stone from a store or as a gift you can clean your stone in few different ways.

You can utilize the sun and moon light to charge these crystals as they receive much energy and power through the elements.

Washing them in spring or river water and “saging” and or burying them in the earth the stones can be beneficial. Bigger crystals can charge smaller crystals when placed in a grid.

Here is a powerful example of how a crystal can be utilized for healing.

When you take a pointed quartz crystal and wave it above your head, pointing it towards all the bones in your skull, it works to realign the bone structure.

If the bone-structure is out of wack this sets the whole body up for sickness and disease.

Think of it as a non abrasive chiropractic alignment of the spine and chakra system.

When this channel is flowing properly energy can swiftly move through your body.

Any blockage in the energy field of the body sets us up for weakness in the aura and then eventually will manifest as disease in the body.

Scars, calluses, piercings are all gaps in the bio-field and do in fact create weakness in the human energy field.

One way to clear these gaps each day is to apply coconut oil or vitamin a or e oil to these areas and rub vigorously.

This seems to seal the aura well.

Here is how to utilize the quartz crystal to realign the bones taught by Dr. Lubecki in Sacramento, California ~

The quartz crystal must be over 1 1/2 lbs for it to be effective.

1. Before utilizing the quartz crystal to realign all the bones in your head you will want to test to see if you are out of alignment. About 90% of the population is.

2. You will lay down on your back and open your mouth. Then you have someone put their index fingers (gloved) in your mouth as you lightly bite down.

3. There is a good chance there will be a gap on one side. This tells us that our bones are out of alignment.

4. Now have the person “wand” your head all over with the quartz crystal. Next you can take a tincture of powerful amazon herbs like Gravizon. This feeds the body on a cell level and will immediately work to align the structure of the bones.

5. Test the bite again and see that these powerful techniques do in fact work.

Try it for yourself to experience the profound energy of Quartz Crystals.

Other ways to utilize crystals can be to form grids with them.

Forming crystal grids in your space or on your land can be a powerful way to create change, achieve goals,  shift consciousness and channel healing.

It can also be a way to restore the earth’s grid when certain crystals are buried into the earth where they may been removed at some point along the way.

When a positive intention of love, light and the good of all is invoked into the grids the power will be magnified as the intentions are pure and clean.

Meditating with a crystal that resonates with you can be a powerful way to integrate the 30 day experiment I talked about earlier.

My favorite stone at this time is Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love.

I hold my rose quartz throughout the day and sit with it in meditation allowing it to facilitate my highest good.

I like to wand my face with the rose quartz and my heart chakra.

The face can receive benefits from rose quartz as it has been said to take the face young and youthful.

In fact Beauticians are now utilizing rose quartz in their facial products because of the skin benefits.

You can take Rose Quartz and place it in the water you will bathe in and wash your face with.

This will prevent wrinkles or get rid of them and keep your youthful ageless face filled with grace.

Charge your drinking water with a specific crystal or a variety of crystals by allowing the crystals to sit in the vessel for 24 hours.

Then drink this highly charged water.

Set your intention prior to drinking the water and bless the water as you partake.

Water does hold memory and this technology was discovered by Dr. Emoto.

Ioften set a glass of water on top of the current book I am reading over night to seal the teachings into my subconscious.

What are your favorite crystals and how do you utilize them for healing and growth?  What are your thoughts on this post?

4 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Crystals”

  1. I’ve been rediscovering crystals, and have enjoyed reading your post. I’m not sure what I’m doing really. At night I sleep with clear quarts under my pillow to get clearer dreams (perhaps) and I have a large rose quartz in my room, as it was the crystal that attracted my attention, from my collection. I leave them outside on my window cill when theres a moon, and then let the sun charge them the following day.
    I’ve a lot of crystals but unsure of there uses, it can be overwhelming to find their individual uses. But the discovery process is fun. Your post have provide useful tips, thanks!


    1. Hey Jenn,
      Im thankful for your comments. It is when we share in these type of masterminds that activate each other’s genius. I feel that sleeping with your quartz crystal is a great idea. Remembering and recording your dreams can give you major clues about your life experience. Rose quartz is something that every woman can benefit from…it is similar to moonstone…it makes sense you were attracted to it. If you have a lot of crystals then creating a crystal grid in your space might be one way to activate them all. I would get a crystal book or research online their healing benefits so you are familiar with what they will do for you. Crystals are truly our friends, I feel their wisdom. We too are like crystals…you and me, energizing one another. Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you for your reply. I have some general information on each crystal, but am missing some links in how to use and active them. I had not come across information on grids, prior to this post. I’ll know what to look out for in books to further my knowledge, thanks 🙂 Happy New Year also! Goddess Bless.

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