The Healing Benefits of a Simple Yet Powerful Juice Tonic

Juice Tonic

Would you love a powerful juice tonic recipe with cleansing and healing benefits?

We are so fortunate to have so many tools of healing our bodies right in our very communities at a low cost.  

My comparison is too the epic proportions of individuals relying on the drug companies to take care of us.

There are many things we can do as a whole to become self sufficient and self reliant.

My part in this whole is to share what has worked for me.

Below is a juice tonic recipe that I would love to share with you today in the wish that you might take your next step to true health.

Juice Tonic

Note: My sincere hope is that you will seek out fresh, organic produce from a local farmer when possible because the benefits will be superior for your body and the global healing/transformation.

Lemon Ginger Blast (Inspired by Lou Corona)

Beginner Version

2 Organic Lemons (leave peels on if Organic)

2 Organic Apples

1 Large or 2 Medium Organic Cucumbers, sometimes I get the persian cucumbers that are smaller from my local market that fit right through the juicer!

1 inch of Organic Ginger Root

1 pinch of Cayenne Pepper

Benefits of this Juice Tonic Recipe

  • This drink will wash the system and cleanse your cellular structure of waste.
  • It will help to clean the blood,
  • improve circulation,
  • digestion can be greatly improved
  • skin tone will be much brighter and tighter
  • super anti-oxidant as you take in fresh, living enzyme rich nutrients

I recommend this as your morning juice tonic

The ADVANCED version would include any one or all of these greens:

A handful of Organic Dandelion Greens -cleans the blood, immunity, strengthens liver and kidneys.

A handful of Organic Carrot Tops (the green leaves)-strengthen’s kidneys

A handful of Organic Parsley- benefits kidneys, anemia, digestion, hormone balance

juice tonicWhat kind of juicer is best for this juice tonic?

If you are new to juicing you will need to learn a bit about the different juicers. I have used a variety of them through the years.

The most cost effective and simple juicer is a centrifugal juicer.  I would definitely recommend a stainless steel one for durability and to stay away from plastic getting into your juices hindering detox. This type of juicer will be great for the beginner juice tonic because no greens are involved.

When you begin to get into leafy greens you are going to want to consider a twin gear juicer. If you want the max nutrition from those greens the slow gears will press the greens in a cold press and get all the nutrition you need. With the centrifugal it is not going to get that deep green color and all those nutrients.

If you feel like you are going to really take juicing seriously then that investment is completely worth it. You can do way more with the Green Star Juicer than just juice greens. It can make ice cream and patés and more. The green star will last you a long time too.

One way around this is to get yourself a vitamix blender and blend the greens and then strain through a nut mylk bag.  

If you want to learn more about cleansing start with the colon. The body needs a break from digesting so it can heal on its own. The body is magnificent in this way and once it is given a chance to repair by getting a break from the hard work of digesting it will start doing its’ magic.

Health is Wealth and prevention is far better than waiting until you are sick and tired. Even though it takes some work to make this juice tonic we can have an attitude of gratitude that we have the means, knowledge and ability to do this.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what juice is your favorite.

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