Super Nourishing Green Soup


With the transition of summer to fall the nights are getting cooler here in Northern California and it has sparked my interest in making my favorite soups again. Soups are so nourishing on all levels.  Here is a recipe for one of my favorite no carb/starch soup.Raw Soup er Spirulina Gazpacho

2 heads of broccoli

1/2 a red onion

2 garlic cloves

3-4 tbs grassfed butter

1 large bunch kale

2 large rounded tablespoons of health force spirulina manna

large teaspoon or two of turmeric or fresh grated

3 tablespoons of south river miso or koji culture miso

fresh squeeze lemon juice

1 large ripe avocado

premier pink salt to taste

sea veggies nori sheets toasted are my favorite

either a base of spring water or your favorite tea steeped like ginger or

try a tonic herb tea base like he shou wu.

First clean and rinse the kale and broccoli. Chop up the kale and broccoli well and put into a dish to go in the dehydrator set at 120 for at least 6 hours. Add the butter to this, I like to first heat it to a liquid so that it pours over. Or use Styrian Pumpkin Seed oil if you prefer over the butter.  this particular pumpkin seed oil is nourishment for your glands especially the ovaries. Really give the mixture a turn so that it gets covered in the fat.  Add lemon and salt if you like. I like to add the lemon in during blending for a nice clean taste.

SO after the marinated veggies have dehydrated for at least 6 hours go ahead and start warming your springwater or tea base just until hot to the finger but not too hot.  Add into the blender your avocado, miso paste, seaweed, and spirulina/turmeric. Add in the liquid. Puree it. next add in the marinated veggies and pulse or blend all the way for no chunks.


Its extremely satisfying and nourishing.  In Joy, Dodee Ji


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