Staying Connected to the Earth & the Aethers

We are all familiar with the Earth and its ability to ground our bodies.

This basically “plugs” us into the earth’s electrical field.

This is where we have come from and this is where we will feel most grounded and in alignment. Why?

Because simply by getting on the earth bare foot or with non rubber soled shoes we actually stabilize the bio field and rhythms of the body.

It promotes a sense of well being and shields us from electro magnetic pollution in the air.

It increases our energy and it significantly reduces inflammation in the body.

Recently I had a meeting with someone in a library where I could sense the disconnect because of several factors:

  • Artificial Light
  • Cement Flooring/Carpet
  • Electro Magnetic Frequencies from Computers/Smart Phones etc.

This cut me off significantly from connecting with the Earth & The Ethers.

The Aether is an Ancient Greek term that translates to the upper air and clean sky.

What I experienced in that room was a loss of connection to the universal life power energy that invokes creativity (Creator’s Energy Flow).

What I did intuitively to reconnect was put my hat on my crown to shield the upper chakras or scientifically speaking my pineal gland and brain hemispheres.

This brought balance back into my body somewhat.

When we have an open channel to receive from the Aether our Creative energy is much more powerful.

The building was closing at 6pm and so we continued our meeting outside where there were tables on the earth.

Feeling the magnetic plug in to the earth’s energy  I was connected once again to the electrical network of the earth.

This in combination with the Aether created a whole flow of energy and my creativity was back and the meeting was at the point much more productive.

With a sense of grounded energy balanced with the Infinite Aether energy things take form with ease.

It may not be feasible to always have meetings outside and so forth but there are ways stay connected while in a building.  Here are some worth considering:

  • Staying well hydrated
  • Covering your Crown/Head/Upper Chakras
  • Wearing an emf pendant or piece of jewelry to strengthen your aura
  • Ground on the earth before and afterwards (this is also a great idea when traveling on planes or in cars
  • Drinking Alkaline Green Juices or Immune Strength Tea’s
  • Carry a small piece of tektite stone to absorb any emf’s
  •   Be aware of what ever insight comes to you & if any and take action.
  • Wear or bring with you high vibrational essential oils such as Palo Santo, Frankincense & Myrrh, & Rose Otto.

As we are in the holy flow with our world service or higher purpose we are much more tuned in, tapped in and turned on to our Higher Selves.

As we ask for the illusion to be lifted from our view we can see with the truth in all that surrounds us. We are able to get insights and clarity much more rapidly & contribute to the highest vision in a powerful way.

A couple of Notes:

When Your Attitude is Right the Facts Don’t Count. ~ Kevin Trudeau

Spirit does not always give us the detailed step by step scenario as to what we are to do to stay in the flow of our highest purpose.

These steps are given to us as we stay centered, calm and balanced by listening and being a sort of vessel for the information to come. When we find ourselves out of alignment in any way it is good to bring ourselves back into alignment with whatever activity or non activity (just being) will facilitate this shift in us. ~ Dodhisattva

The Earth & The Aethers are our portals into the great known and unknown, the seen and unseen. This is the magic and the beauty of our lives here on Earth.

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