Spring Water VS Tap Water – Benefits & Dangers

spring water vs tap water

Let’s dive into spring water vs tap water so we can learn the long term effects of drinking either one.

I grew up in a small town on the western side of Pennsylvania. We were on our own well water system at the time.

My father would  fill up jugs for us from a local spring for drinking.

Mountain water spring
Mountain water spring

The spring was coming from far underneath the ground protected from pollution of any sort.

I did not realize this at the time but what a blessing and how smart that my Dad thought to do this.

Thankfully we were surrounded by nature where I lived and had plenty of forest to play in too.

We had neighbors who grew food like blueberries, tomatoes and other vegetables.

The milk man delivered milk in glass bottles! All of these things contributed to the consciousness I now hold about a Natural Life Style. I am grateful.

The single important thing you could do for your freedom is locate a fresh water spring & drink only that living water.

Your body will change on a cellular level and so will your life.  I highly recommend it.

Look at leaders in the holistic wellness arena such as David Wolfe or Daniel Vitalis and see what they say about Spring Water!!

Spring water holds a high vibration and is crystalline in its structure.

It takes on the vibration and energy of that which it is around. To me it holds our earths ancestral coding.

So  with that being said you can see a difference in water coming deep from within the ground or from your local municipal water source.

The Government treats the water with many different chemicals and gets it to a fairly neutral ph.

The TDS or total dissolved solids in that water is an indication of how much calcium & minerals are in it.

When you go to forage your spring water take a TDS meter with you.

This will let you know roughly the mineral content and I prefer it to be fairly low.

What is in Tap Water?

Here are a few common things found in tap water:

  • Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Chlorine – Destroys the arteries and causes scarring inside the body. It also messes with the friendly bacteria in the body.
  • Fluoride- lethal and toxic drug that is really dangerous to the entire body especially the pineal gland.
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Mercury
  • Sex Hormones
  • Flame Retardants
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
tap water flowing into stainless steel drain
tap water flowing into stainless steel drain

This list could go on and on but you get the idea.

A small filter like a brita or a two stage filter is not enough to get the contaminants out of the water.

Also bottled water is mostly just tap water.

If you do a little research on the company or whomever is selling it you will find out what is really in that water.

Not to mention the plastic is manipulating your own body chemistry and hormone levels.

I suggest getting a whole house filter system from a reputable company.

As for drinking water find a local spring to forage water from.

I think this is one of the most single important things we can do for are health.

Bathing in tap water is one of the worst things you can do.

The best thing you can do is have a really high quality filter put on your shower head and let the bath fill up from there.

That is what I do.  I like Omica’s shower filter.

Or how about this; best thing ever is to go live near a spring or clean lake or body of water…connect with it on an energetic level and utilize the water for your body’s healing.

What does Spring Water Symbolize?

We hold all of the elements in our bodies: fire, water, earth & air. To me the water symbolizes the fluids in our body, the earth our bones and muscles, the air our breath, the fire our digestion and soul.

Spring water, which is pure, living, structured water contributes to cellular integrity, longevity and a healthy mind, body and soul.

On the other hand Tap Water contributes to disease, rapid aging, unhealthy skin and the list goes on.

Remember what I mentioned earlier about water holding a vibration and frequency to that which it is exposed to.

Think about the vibration of tap water?

I feel that the mass consciousness of fear and many other negative beliefs are held in the imprint of that water.

Spring water is free and clean and pure!

When you drink 5 gallons of spring water over the course of 1 week all of the fluid in your body has been renewed.

Note: Suggested reading would be Masaru Emoto. He wrote “The Hidden Messages in Water,” & “The Secret Life of Water.”

Spring Water VS Tap Water Recap

Spring water is best when it comes from deep within the earth by means of an Aquifer. They still need to be tested for contaminates but are superior choices over tap water. Tap water has toxic frequencies, heavy metals, drug residues and other harmful substances that make water unsuitable for drinking.

Water is a sacred resource that helps us upgrade in consciousness, cleanse our bodies and live life.


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