Radiation Protection: Top 3 Tools to Safeguard Against Daily Radiation Exposure

Radiation protection

Radiation protection is paramount in our modern world.

We are surrounded in an invisible sea of frequencies that could be contributing to health challenges we may experience.

We have gathered three powerful ways to shield yourself so that you can regain or increase your most radiant and optimal health.

Radiation protection with propolis

The beekeeper takes propolis from the beehive. Harvest of beekeeping products in the apiary.

Propolis is produced naturally by honeybees. 

Bees collect resin from different plants and flowers.

Then the bees mix it with their enzymes, pollen and wax which creates a glue.

This helps seal off the hive and is also known as bee glue.

What’s more is that bees utilize it to keep away invaders like lizards and reptiles to the hive.

They use it as shielding for harsh weather.

In Greek terms the word propolis actually stands for, “at the entrance for the community.”

Looking to nature for ways to protect ourselves is intelligent. 

But can this magical substance help us with radiation protection?

Rat studies show promising research that when exposed to high levels of chemo and radiation they were protected with doses of bee propolis.

A natural remedy of the highest order as bees are high vibration beings.

But what exactly in propolis contributes to radiation protection?

Really it seems to be from the

  • polyphenols,
  • flavonoids and
  • terpenoids.

They act to protect the body from oxidative stress linked to radiation exposure and DNA damage.

The main type of propolis to have been studied and validated for its’ radiation protection benefits is this one. It is known as Brazilian green propolis extract. 

rosemary combats radiation

Rosemary and radiation protection

Who would have thought the humble rosemary plant would have such miraculous healing properties?

It grows abundantly all over North America and treats many health challenges.

Some are helping us with memory and hair growth.

But today we are focused on its ability to protect us from radiation exposure.

Plants are very wise when it comes to sun interaction. They produce compounds to protect themselves from the radiation.

There are studies showing the mega anti-oxidant effects of rosemary extracts to ward off uv damaging radiation exposure. 

Other studies show the protection from ionizing radiation it has on the DNA preventing mutations.

Key components in Rosemary that ward off radiation are:

  • Caffeic Acids
  • Rosmarinic
  • Carnosic
  • Carnosol

It is imperative to duly note that WIFI has been correlated with Alzheimer’s disease. 

When you have WIFI and heavy metal poisoning such as aluminum it becomes a cocktail for disease as the wifi is attracted to the metals. 

This can leave one foggy in the brain and often tired as the cells have lost their ability to produce ATP.

Rosemary is extremely helpful at assisting the brain with memory and cognition. 

Add Rosemary extracts, tinctures or the fresh herb to your daily supplement stack and foods to combat radiation exposure.

Better Building Biology

building biology for radiation portection

For old houses you will want to get a stetzer meter to test out all your outlets.

Then you can get stetzer filters to ease the load coming out of the walls.

If you have to start in only one room, make it your sleep sanctuary.

This area is the key to your health and longevity.

So be sure to keep the bed away from high emitting walls or get filters. Get yourself a Swiss shield bed canopy.

Keep it pitch black and only use red light at night if you have to get up to not interrupt your melatonin production.

Ensure your bedroom is not near cell towers or cable lines or smart meters.

If they are you need to make changes when your situation will allow.

In the evening turn off your WIFI or better yet just hard wire your computers so that no wifi is needed through out the day. Use it sparingly.

Keep your router away from your normal living area in a garage.

If you own your space get the paint that will protect you from radiation and then paint over that with whatever color you like.

If you want to take it to the next level connect with a professional at the Building Biology Institute so that you can build a house from the ground up that is truly a healthy sanctuary.

You can even take courses on their website to educate yourself.

radiation poisoning detox

BOnus radiation protection Tips

One of the most powerful tips I can give you is to detoxify heavy metals.

As I mentioned earlier when you are surrounded by WIFI and are ladened with heavy metals it will amplify the negative effects of radiation.

Please refer to my heavy metal detox articles here.

Instead of being a conductor for wifi signals our goal for most of us anyway is to be a conductor of the divine. 

To do this we can utilize chlorophyl when we go out in sunlight as a protector and transmitter of light.

What about flying, or being immersed in frequencies from electric car or hybrid vehicles?

We know that some individuals that are very sensitive feel exhausted after travel in an electric car due to the radiation exposure. 

Some don’t really sense a difference but when testing is done with specific meters you can see that there is a major frequency emitting from the vehicles.

And we all know when you fly almost everyone is connected to a device which means everyone on that flight is surrounded by it.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz, is the Director  for Family and Community Health at the Berkeley University in Ca.

He has shared that electric and hybrid cars may be cancer-causing as they expose us to increased levels of ELF.

If you have a car like this experiment with tachyon floor mats and then get a meter to test the frequencies.

Create your own skin lotion used as a radiation barrier infused with a base of hemp seed oil or organic palm oil. Then add the rosemary, propolis and even some melatonin powder (master anti-oxidant) to the oil.

Get my DIY homemade recipe with the proper ratios in my Radiation Remedy Protocol here.

Some people feel good with silver lined caps, neck warmers or clothing to shield their body.

Others feel that this does not help but only trades off one form of radiation for another. 

You really have to decide for yourself on that.

Get outside and enjoy natural settings. Enjoy the healing rays of the sun in the early morning or at sunset.

Find hobbies that do not involve sitting on your radiation machine, aka your cell phone.

To dive deep into radiation protection grab my Radiation Remedy Protocol here! 

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