A Guide To Reverse Chronic Disease

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So would you like to learn how to reverse chronic disease? Where do you think a chronic disease originates?

Could it perhaps be deeper than most are willing to look?

The word chronic means something that can not be cured by a Doctor or a pharmaceutical drug. But the reason for this is very simple and is being validated and confirmed through out the world.

The reason is, it does not have a physical origin.

It starts as energy.

The chronic condition resulted as a response to the mind and emotions that kept running on auto-pilot.

It is a sort of feed back loop that has often been playing in your mind since a young age.

Look at auto-immune diseases for example.

This is simply the body attacking itself.

This translates to attacking ourselves with negative thoughts, fearful emotions and low vibrational patterns. What do you think happens when the reverse is implemented?

Do you need to recognize the trauma from where it stemmed?

I feel that is individual choice.  Everyone learns and grows in different ways. Some will find fulfillment in learning about where it originates and others won’t need or want to.

Often what happens as present awareness is ignited one can actually recall what initiated it.

It could be a very small thing in retrospect but to a child it can carry a deep wound for life until transmuted or completed in consciousness.

Either way it is up to you. The main point to get is that we are energy.

Take a good look at the image in today’s post. Quantum Physics can measure and quantify the bio-field around the body.

It is an extension of our totality and where disease is able to enter or not enter.

When a thought plays on auto-loop in our minds we attract similar people, places and things to play that role out in our lives.

We begin to play the saboteur out or the wounded child or victim and even the prostitute. (some archetypes we play out in this grand illusion).

Or we hold a certain high vibration that does not allow in lower frequencies.

There is nothing wrong with us either way.

Childhood is where most often these situations originate and at that time we do not have the cognitive abilities to innerstand how to handle certain traumas. Then they continue through life until we come to this tipping point to transform.

Many Doctor’s actually know this truth but they are warned by the AMA not to share this type of emotional clearing with patients as it is not apart of a lucrative protocol.

Chronic disease can even emanate from ancestral dna coding.

The shadow which I wrote about here: The Importance of Shadow Work/  is often at play in these chronic conditions.

So why do we constantly sabotage ourselves and create disharmony inside?

In this situation the Ego is more in control the the True Self. The Ego is doing its’ best to keep us safe.

It fears change and would rather stay “safe” where its at even if that means sabotaging one’s chance of have a great life free of chronic disease.

If we choose to start operating from our True Self or that of the Observing witness of our so called life situation we no longer hold such a deep identity with pain, illness or our life situation.

We can do this through exercises of sitting in stillness being instead of doing.

We can surround ourselves with others that have mastered this and allow it to ripple out to us.

We can open up to meditative practices or use the cosmic inner smile and the 6 healing sounds to transmute negativity.

The thoughts that come up, and they will for everyone, are the indicators to what frequency our radio station is set to inside.

These are collective consciousness thoughts and the lower the vibration, the lower the thought pattern. Raising one’s vibration can be done in many ways, and I am sure you know of some.

Main point here is to stop resisting and accept, surrender and allow things to be. Just be for a moment.

Begin to accept where you are, all of you. The parts you don’t like so much begin to accept them.

Accept pain, accept the disease or whatever it is…your body weight, your voice, your life situation etc.

Once you make the observing aspect of self the more predominant operator in your life things begin to resolve themselves.

Your objective is to feel good instead of not good.

Their are basically two emotions at work at any give moment. Either love or fear.

Love couples with joy, elation, happiness and fear aligns with jealousy, anger, shame and these emotions attract thought patterns from the collective soup of consciousness.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

It is time to be who you are not think about figuring out who you are or what the disease is.

When the thinking mind becomes your reality that is when you know the ego is in charge.

Let it go and surrender the thoughts that really are not who you truly are.

Stop resisting and fearing your true self.

Chronic disease will have a very hard time living in an environment that radiates love and joyful presence, infinitely being.

This is a practice and some moments we all get pulled into the mind soup but with practice we can take control of the reigns of our mind and tame it like a wild horse. Pray tuned for part 2 of this article coming soon.

Thank you for coming along with me on this consciousness journey so that we can support one another on this cosmic ride.

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