Restorative Tea

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Tonight we are going to make a deeply nourishing and restorative tea. Shu Di Huang, also known as Prepared Rehmannia or the “Kidney’s Own Food”.  Why would we care about replenishing our kidneys? For one, this is where our life force or our essence is stored. It is also been called the Pre Heaven Essence that is given to you by your parent’s before you are born.

So depending on how much of this we have been given determines how much energy and vitality we experience through out life. We can use and abuse this energy which through an unhealthy lifestyle and burn the candle out so to speak. If we stay up late at night, eat junk, experienced stressful events in our lives, went through some type of sickness or disease these things require life force to process.

When we birth children it takes massive amounts of life force. If we want to keep our energy strong, healthy and replenish our bone marrow to live a long, quality life we will want to learn about substances that replenish this energy.

And quite frankly, living in the modern world is IMG_5033reason enough to ingest these magical plant and root essences.  They are here for us as gifts to nourish our bodies so that our vessels are strong and healthy to live out our life mission and purpose. So here is a simple tea to restore the jing before you fall off to sleep at night, waking replenished and ready to seize the day.

3 discs of Shu Di Huang   – Makes for a nice, strong tea.                                                                                                                                              ***Remember this is your life esssence, never settle for a low grade or poor quality. Always look for premium grade and find someone whom has your health in mind not just their bottom line.  Often buying in bulk will get you a much better price.

Next take 20-24 ounces of clean or distilled water and lightly boil the Shu Di Huang in a heat safe pot for 20 minutes. Let cool and then pour off into a mug straining out the pieces. This will leave you with 12- 16 ounces of a deep, rich black tea. Feel as this tea nourishes and replenished the jing or life force that is your very essence.

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