Recognition of True Self

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How do we recognize the True Self?

If we wish to vibrate more fully in alignment with the vibration of truth, freedom, bliss, and unconditional love, then we have to apply some dedication/application to the arts of recognition/meditation. Otherwise, the realization of what’s always already here simply remains too shallow to reach the deep wells of true inner satisfaction, and too intellectual to fuel the bright fire of clarity. ~ Bentinho Massaro


The truth of our nature requires recognition and time spent in it..


To recognize our true being is not so hard but more it takes awareness with stillness of the mind. The more we put emphasis on recognition of our True Self the more this becomes our predominant state of consciousness or being.

The two most fundamental ways to restore this knowing of the Self could be through recognition of the now moment and dis-identifying with thought forms.

When we take a deep breath and let go of the thoughts in our mind we come back to all that is. We are here, now in the presence of our own presence. The more moments we choose to become aware this stream of consciousness woven in life the more whole we realize we are.

We start to feel at home, at peace and with joy coming from inside. We don’t need to look out there for assurance anymore. We then can open up to an empowered life.  Often  our lives become fed by a stream of consciousness so long as we step out of the way and invest time here, now.

When we surrender to the holy flow of life, the current is gentle on us and shows us clear clues and paths to things we never saw before. It is when we fight and battle the mind that we get caught up in our egoic mind chatter.

Dis-identifying with thought is another great way to open up to True Self. Notice I said, “thoughts”, not “your thoughts”.

As soon as we start to question where these thoughts arise we start to see the bigger picture. These thoughts are collective consciousness thoughts that we are vibrating at not “your” personal thoughts.

Take time to dis identify with thought and become aware of True Self more often than not.


Let this create miracles in your life situation. As this Self is strengthened it creates a protective field around us and its much harder for lower vibrational thoughts to enter or the ego to control us.

To learn more go to and learn self mastery. Ask yourself, is the mind controlling me or am I taming the mind? <3 Be light and non-judgemental with the process. It doesn’t make sense to judge where we are, we already are all that is. Let go. Relax and Surrender Now.

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