Raw Wild Nettle & Carrot Soup Recipe

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It is Spring and we have plenty of nettles growing now. Nettles really make a nutrient dense soup because they are so packed with minerals and nutrients. They are alkalizing which helps keep the blood clean and healthy. When harvesting nettles it is best to wear some gloves to protect you from the stingers especially if you are a novice. If you do not be open to being stung!

wild nettles

What you will need:

A High Speed Blender – like a Vitamix with the plunger

Hot Spring Water from the Kettle to pour over the ingredients or Alternatively you can just let the soup blend on high with the vitamix until it gets warm like soup.

A handful of organic or wild carrots

A large piece of organic red onion

1 knob fresh turmeric root or turmeric powder – 1 tsp

2 big handfuls of wild nettles – enough to fill up the vitamix almost to the top

A healthy scoop of South River Miso paste or your choice of miso

Half an Avocado  – Reserve the other half for a garnish

Sprouted Buckwheat to add nutrition and texture

Cultured Vegetables to top the soup – as a garnish but more importantly as a source for probiotics and healthy digestion.

Habaneros – for flavor and to take out any bacteria..as you can see in the photo I am a bit modest with habaneros!

Put all ingredients into the blender and top with hot or room temp water to blend well using the plunger.

It will cream up nicely, then pour into a bowl and garnish.

This soup is a healing soup, it is easy on your digestive system and helps to restore your body while nourishing you.

This is food for energy, strength and vitality.Enjoy!

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