Raw Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


Some of you probably remember making chocolate chip cookie dough as a child like I do. What a yummy and enjoyable treat! My mom was notorious for her excellent baking skills. I think she timed it perfectly as I would arrive home from school and a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies would be coming out of the oven!

The version I have created is one that promotes health and bio available nutrition to the body. Some of you may wonder about eating raw eggs because of salmonella but honestly there is just as much chance if not more of getting salmonella while cooking foods. Chances of Salmonella are more of an issue for the elderly or someone with a weak immune system. Even so if someone had a challenge with this bacteria a strong and healthy does of probiotics on the hour every hour would balance and harmonize the gut flora.  Always choose the highest quality eggs you can find.


1 fresh organic grass fed egg

1 part colostrum powder

1 part tocotreniols (rice bran solubels non gmo)

A couple of TBS. Maca Powder

2-3 tsp. raw organic cultured butter

1 tsp. of fresh raw ground vanilla bean

2 to 3 tbs of heirloom cacao paste chopped

sprinkle of high quality sea salt

1 tbs. raw & creamy honey warmed to think consistency

1 dropperful of liquid stevia

In a glass pot lightly melt butter on low heat. Crack egg into a glass bowl and add butter, liquid stevia, and honey. Combine with spoon. In a separate bowl add your colostrum, toc’s, maca, salt and ground vanilla bean. Mix well and then add to your wet mixture ingredients. Once combined if you want to add more dry or wet ingredients to your liking go for it. When your happy with the sweetness and overall flavor add the cacao paste chunks. Refrigerate or enjoy right away.

If you do not prefer honey or can not have sugar then omit this and just use stevia. It will however change the overall consistency and flavor. When the honey is incorporated it gives it a creamy texture, well rounded flavor and mega nutrition.  Other sweeteners you might try are coconut palm sugar or yacon syrup.

Raw eggs are an incredible way to get potent nutrition.  Zeaxanthin and Lutein are two incredible nutrients we get from eggs. A great vegan source is Goji Berry Powder, also known as lycium. The amino acids in raw eggs are nourishing for the brain, nervous system, glands and hormones. Once heated and cooked they do start to change their protein structure and harder to digest so it is best to eat them raw at your best. This recipe is a great way to incorporate raw eggs or simply add them to your smoothie. The thyroid is highly nourished from the yolk of the egg.  Eggs are also one of the few food sources where we can obtain Vitamin D.

The reason I add Grass Fed Raw Organic Cultured Butter is because it contains activator x which is also known as the fat soluble vitamin k2.  The brain is highly nourished from this food and it allows for better nutrient absorption. Vitamin K2 is important for bone health as it helps to place Vitamin d3 into the bones and not into the soft tissue. When Vitamin D deposits into the soft tissue the bones become rigid and often times arthritis and calcification become an issue over time.

Colostrum is another incredible super food that supports the bodies renewal process. It gives the body bio available nutrition for improved physical stamina, brain nourishment and healthy skin & hair.  Besides being a key to optimal immune system protection, colostrum gives the cookie dough an incredible taste too.  Recent studies show that Colostrum is more potent than vaccines at preventing flu and other immune system invaders. It is a natural approach to preventing illness that does not cause stress on the organ systems.

Tocotreniols are great for skin repair and have an abundance of coq10 as well as selenium, glutathione peroxidase ( important for DNA repair), and is an overall protector of degenerative disease.

Lucuma is a sub tropical fruit and super food powder that brings nutrient density to foods as well as a maple like flavor. You could add this into the recipe or if wanting to create a vegan cookie dough. Lucuma, toc’s and maca could be used in abundance replacing the colostrum.  You might try raw coconut oil instead of the butter and omit the egg adding in fermented chick pea miso and a bit of coconut water to replace the egg texture!

Anything is possible and it is fun to be open to all kinds of things. The more receptive and flexible we are the more we make way for the higher good to come abounding into our lives.  Making choices requires discernment and utilizing our inner wisdom for the greater good of all. And so it is!

Enjoy this potent medicinal cookie dough and gift yourself with Anti-Aging Factors, Rejuvenation, Regeneration and even some spiritually enlightened insights! Hip Hip Hooray!

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