Raw Broccoli and Brussels Sprout Side Dish

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Ever wonder how to get in your Cruciferous veggies without cooking them? I know I have.

Why would I want to do this? Well ,with so much talk of how great Cruciferous veggies are for us especially in their ability to protect us from cancer as well as get rid of the excess estrogen in the body it makes sense. We won’t get too deep here but basically these veggies carry in them a metabolite, known as DIM and a compound knonwn as I3c or  Indole 3 carbinol. These are the  key players in protecting and repairing the DNA.

However, how do we intake these amazing cancer fighting vegetables without cooking out their vital nutrients and enzymes? Some people have a challenge with raw cruciferous veggies b/c of a thyroid condition but what if we could keep these veggies in there raw state as much as possible and break them down enough to not effect the thyroid adversely we might be onto something?

The key is to marinate and then dehydrate these veggies. Let’s give it a whirl!

I remember one of the first time’s I graced my lips with marinated broccoli warm from the dehydrator….wow I was in for a treat. I first saw this done at Planet Raw in Santa Monica years ago.  It was served with some warm raw mashed un-potatoes and gravy:) It was literally divine. It was also served with white and dark un-meat:) This was in the form of marinated mushrooms and coconut meat. Absolutely fabulous.

So here is my version of a Raw broccoli and Brussels Sprouts dish:

First: Take the organic veggies (broccoli and brussels in this case) and rinse well. Then chop them up into small, bite size pieces.  I use my ceramic knife for this. Take any excess stem from the broccoli and save for juicing later if you so desire.  Place the veggies in a not-so deep bowl or like this I am using my favorite pie dish. FullSizeRender

Next: Sprinkle the following ingredients over top the veggies:

1. Organic Raw Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil or whatever oil you like. Olive, Hemp Black Chia etc…

2. Sprinkle with Premier Pink Salt (Available in the Sacred Shop) or your favorite Mineral Rich Salt.

3. Coconut Secrets Coconut Aminos (sacred shop offers this and I highly recommend keeping this stocked for future uses).  The Coconut Aminos is similar to fermented soy but without the soy .

Be generous with adding your dressings and massage into the veggies. Next, let this sit for at least 4-6 hours. Then you can just continue to toss and massage the veggies to saturate them well thru out this time.

Turn on the Dehydrator to about 115 and allow them to dehydrate at least 6 hours or longer depending on how you love your veggies.

Serve these as a side dish or enjoy these any time of the day. With LOVE from the Ital Kitchen:)

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