How To Live a Radiant Life with Top Self Care Tips

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Would you like a radiant life? If so follow along in this article for my top self care tips.


Self Care for a Radiant Life

Winter is that time of year we go inward and can be a great opportunity for practice self care.

Although I advocate self care as a part of any season, winter can be a grand time to really magnify your self care routine.

With less time doing and more time being we can reflect and embody a fulfilling self care routine in the coziness of winter time.

In fact nature reflects back this inward mirror to us as the plants, trees and animals retreat or go inward.

Some animals hibernate, trees have shed their exteriors and plants may have withered away back into the earth to prepare for a new offering in Spring time.

How Self Care Makes for a Radiant Life

Self Care is one of the most beneficial and note worthy things we can do for ourselves and the planet. It is a sacred time to dive deep into our True Nature.

Yes you heard me right, it helps everyone, including the planet. What happens when you truly give time to honor your body and soul?

You become a better version of yourself.radiant life

More Benefits of Self Care

You are more connected with your True Self, you make healthier choices, more conscious choices and all of this leads to a more fulfilled you which allows you to give from an overflowing well spring.

This creates the space, the heart, the wisdom and the strength to be able to provide for others and the planet.

We all came here to give something to the world, to add value to it.

Spiritual Insights From Self Care

Whether you realize it or not you have something great inside you.

The best part is when we surrender in a deeper state of relaxation  through self care and reverence for the soul we become more in touch with our gifts and abilities.

In case our purpose has not yet fully shown itself to us, our best gift to give is that of gratitude for where we are currently at. This nurtures the soul to open up.

If you want certain things to reveal themselves it is best to have authentic gratitude for where you are currently.

Treat your inner workings like a you would a child. Compassion and kindness go along way to a deep soul like you.

Dig deep to find the diamond in any given situation. This is how you gain spiritual wisdom and unlock new timelines that you so desire.

So in that spirit let’s journey into the  Ultimate Routine of Cell and Soul Nourishment.

Best way to start your day for true fulfillment is with meditation.

Meditation is a chance to connect with the essence of who you really are.

The more we focus on the Soul we are and the connection to the Great Spirit of life the more we hold that presence in our lives.

If you are in a place to see the sunrise this is one of the ultimate sacred routines.

There is something about greeting the day in silence as the sun comes up and taking a deep bow to the life it provides us. The more we can genuinely appreciate life the more that world comes back to us, reflecting in our experience.

Taking time to sit in stillness and breathe brings us to the present moment where all the magic is.  Try it so you can actually experience the deeper fulfillment life has to offer. It is what I like to call SuperNatural Living.  A deeper consciousness of the reality around you.

Once you have soaked up your spiritual nourishment it changes the whole game. You feel more at peace and grounded.

Other Helpful Tips for Self Care Routines

I also feel wearing a robe of some sort for your self care routine cloaks you in that energy of soul and cell nourishment. Find a robe you really love and make it a symbol of your royal nature while going about your self care routine. Think of it as your Spiritual Glow Coat.

Spring Water Baths: One of my ultimates in self care is a Spring Water Bath.

If you are on municipal water make sure you invest in a bath ball filter or house filter to clean the water.

If the water has fluoride, chlorine and other toxins in it it defeats the purpose of your detoxifying bath.  Vitamin C added to the water can help to clear out the heavy metals. 

Adding flowers to the bath is just the best for a super sensory upgrade. 

When our senses are enlivened with beauty we allow our parasympathetic nervous system to switch on.

This is where inspiration and soul consciousness blooms in us. 

To that bath add 3 cups Magnesium Flakes, 1 bag of Baking Soda, 10 drops Essential Oils of Rose Otto or Frankinsence (mix with one part jojoba oil if it is a strong essential oil like Tea Tree) and a few drops of  Iodine.

This bath is alkalizing and calming to the nervous system.

Magnesium activates over 300 important enzyme functions in your body. It gets used up quickly in todays stressful environment. We can all use a healthy dose of it!

Whatever mood you want to create you can do that through having plant messengers assist you in the way of essential oils.

The terpenes from these oils can either uplift you, calm you, or put you in a state of gratitude and the list goes on. 

Iodine is an optional add on to a bath. Our bodies require a high quality iodine.  Our thyroid, breast tissue and sex glands will be grateful.

If we don’t have enough iodine the body absorbs the toxic radioactive material and heavy metals instead. 

Next, after a detoxifying bath it is time to hydrate.

Hydrate yourself with a fresh pressed organic green juice afterwards.

Organic Green Juice Fresh Pressed
Fresh Pressed Organic Green Juice

I like to have all of the produce washed and ready so when I get out of the bath my Angel Juicer is ready for me to make an uplifting, hydrating green juice.

With this I take two capsules of Megahydrate to really get the maximum benefit of the juice and fully hydrate the cells. When the brain has enough oxygen we think more clearly too.

More Soul Nourishment

One of the areas of self care that may get overlooked is self love. Self love allows us the ability to meet our own needs. It allows us to fill our cup from the unlimited source from where we came from.

If we look outside this space for love and approval we often create unhealthy situations.  It is a blessing when we receive love from others and the outside world but our foundation should be the love from our own living Spirit that provides us with an endless supply.

A simple practice is to look yourself in the mirror with your hands on your heart and say, “I love you.” 

This may sound cheesy to you or awkward but if it does it is a signal you likely need it. Some people can not look at themselves and really mean it when they say, I love you. 

With the mass programming agenda and all the advertising letting us know we are not perfect as we are this superpower tool is a necessary component to self care.

It gets easier as you go and is a tool to use in many situations in life. Think of it as the security that is always there awaiting your acceptance. The Spiritual Sun is always shining love on you, are you willing to receive it?

Exercise and Stretch for Self Care

Stretch, move, and breathe. The body is the only house you have to live in this lifetime. When it is honored and respected it will keep you healthy and thriving.

Simple movements and stretches each day will ensure the spine is healthy, the joints are mobile and the ligaments and nerves are lengthened. It even will keep your mood in a well balanced state.

Whatever exercise excites you go with that. My favorites are rebounding, pilates and kundalini yoga. 

End the Day with Surrender 

Ultimately we are not in control of life. Life is supporting us with outcomes that assist our evolution as a soul.

So at the end of the day we can surrender to the highest good, the highest outcome for all involved.

Open your heart through lifting your heart and spreading your arms out. Make this a habit so that the heart leads in your life.

This takes the power away from the Ego’s controlling grip and back to where we started this post as well as where we originate in life.

To the Spirit or the Soul Consciousness. 

This ends the day on the highest vibrational plane possible. It lets our mind relax, let go and surrender to God’s will. 

On a fundamental level stretching the body, going to bed on an empty stomach, meaning eat dinner 3 hours or more before bed, and having a dark bedroom without devices is key to optimal self care. 

If you must have your phone by you put it on airplane mode. It is dangerous to have a cell phone by your head all night. I keep mine in a different room. 

I hope this inspires you to take on what resonates with your heart. Remember this body is a vehicle for the soul. Treat it with so much love and self care. You are worth it!


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