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propolis throat spray

Propolis throat spray is one of the single most effective biological or natural remedies you can implore when it comes to boosting your natural immune system.

Whether overcoming:

  • A sore throat
  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Or respiratory ailment propolis throat spray is your most cost-effective, potent remedy.

In this post we will dive deep into:

  • What Propolis Spray Is
  • Bee Propolis Spray Benefits
  • How Bee Propolis Spray helps your innate immune system
  • How Propolis is your #1 ally to fighting infections, colds, and disease
  • Top propolis throat spray reviews
  • What the Medical Papers Say
  • Common Questions | Bee Propolis Spray
  • My Personal Propolis Recommendations

Propolis Spray Benefits

As someone who is deeply passionate about the power of bee medicine, I am enthusiastic to share with you some of my best tips for natural immune system solutions with the use of the mighty bee propolis spray.

I want you to be equipped with the #1 best propolis throat spray so you can have nature’s defense team on your side.

Key Benefits of Propolis to Human Health:

  • Antibacterial | Anti Fungal | Antiviral: Propolis can help fight bacterial infections, viral and fungal infections.
  • Colds and flu: Propolis spray may help to reduce the duration and severity of colds and flu
  • Upper respiratory infections: Bee Propolis spray may help to treat and prevent upper respiratory infections such as bronchitis and sinusitis
  • Anti-inflammatory: Propolis can help reduce inflammation, beneficial for various conditions.
  • Antioxidant: Propolis fights harmful free radicals, protecting cells and tissues.
  • Anticancer: Research indicates potential anti-cancer properties of propolis.
  • Cardiovascular: Propolis may benefit conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders and heart disease.
  • Neuroprotective: Studies suggest potential for propolis in protecting brain health.
  • Immunomodulatory: Propolis can regulate the immune system, helping fight infections and allergies.
  • Gastrointestinal: Propolis may be beneficial for various digestive disorders.
  • Wound healing: Propolis can promote wound healing and skin health.
  • Antidiabetic: Studies suggest potential for propolis in managing diabetes.
  • Skin conditions: Propolis may help to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

These benefits are attributed to the complex mix of bioactive compounds found in propolis, such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, and terpenoids.

Overall, propolis show promising as a natural remedy for a range of chronic diseases.

What Is Propolis?

To truly understand how propolis helps humans we can look and see how the bees use it themselves to gain understanding.

Bee propolis, also known as “bee glue,” is a resinous substance made by honeybees and some stingless bee species.

It’s a sticky mixture of beeswax, plant resin, and bee saliva.

Bees use it for various purposes within the hive, including:

  • Sealing cracks and holes: Propolis acts as a natural sealant to keep the hive protected from drafts, moisture, and pests.
  • Disinfecting the hive:

    Propolis has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that help to keep the hive clean and free of disease.

  • Building comb: Propolis is used to strengthen and reinforce the honeycomb structure.

    Embalming intruders: When bees encounter dead insects or other small animals within the hive, they use propolis to encase them and prevent them from decomposing and spreading disease.

A Bee is an Exquisite Chemist.

Propolis | Respiratory Illness

Looking over some medical articles I found key information to help us understand how bee propolis spray helps with viral respiratory diseases.

Propolis spray helps to restrict the spike protein and reduce the particles of viruses such as corona viruses, and influenza.

You can review the public medical article here.

Bee propolis spray can be a key natural remedy to combat microbes and co-infections in the respiratory tract. 

Propolis Throat Spray Potential Benefits

propolis throat spray

Propolis Medical Research Continued

Did you know that over 800 chemical compounds have been identified in bee propolis? 

It’s these intrinsic compounds in propolis that contribute to the potent effects of products like bee propolis throat spray.

As we have learned through this medical article propolis and products that contain it like propolis throat spray may :

  •  Inhibit Spike Protein
  • Decrease Virus Replication
  • Inhibit Pathogenic Enzymes
  • Reduce the Viral Load

Ancient Remedy | Modern Benefits

Propolis: Ancient Remedy | Modern Benefits

Humans have used honey and propolis for centuries for various health benefits as you can learn here.

  • Ancient Egyptians used propolis for embalming and its anti-putrefaction properties.
  • Incas used propolis as a fever reducer.
  • Greeks and Romans used propolis for mouth disinfection, wound healing, and skin problems.
  • Propolis was listed in the London pharmacopeia in the 17th century.
  • Propolis was widely used in Europe between the 17th and 20th centuries for its antibacterial properties.
  • Stradivari used propolis in his violin varnish.
  • In the 2nd World War, propolis was used in Soviet clinics for tuberculosis treatment.
  • In the Balkans, propolis was used for wound healing, burns, sore throat, and stomach ulcers.

The first scientific study on propolis was published in 1908, analyzing its chemical properties and composition.

Both honey and propolis continue to be studied for their potential medicinal benefits.

bee propolis benefits

Bee Propolis Spray Reviews

What do some of the real reviews online say about bee propolis spray and propolis throat spray?

After looking at the #1 rated bee propolis spray on Amazon I have found a few profound customer reviews that you can check out at the link on Amazon here.

Below I will mention what some of those reviews share.

Some of the bee propolis throat spray reviews mention:

  • Soothing to the throat
  • Helped Boost Immune System
  • At first sign of a cough it helps alot.
  • Lubricated Throat
  • Works quickly
  • Build Up Immunity
  • Tastes good
  • Works amazing

Those are some of what the reviews on Amazon are saying about this bee propolis spray and you can see actual reviews here.

Q/A: Bee Propolis Spray

What Does Propolis Throat Spray Do?

The main substance in propolis throat spray is propolis also known as "bee glue".

It is what bees use to disinfect. They also seal their hive and protect their hives with it.

Propolis Spray

Propolis spray may help to reduce symptoms of a cold or virus as you can see here in this medical article. 

Is Propolis Good For Your Throat?

Propolis has been shown to have potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

Reviews on Amazon can help you see what others have shared about propolis helping their throat. Find those reviews here.

Some of them say it helps soothe the throat, boos their immune  system and lubricate the throat.

What are the Side Effects of Bee Propolis Throat Spray?

If you have any allergy to bee products you may experience an unwanted allergic reaction.

You should always check with your trusted health care practitioner if you are in question about side effects that may be unwanted.

Can you swallow propolis spray?

Propolis spray is meant to be swallowed. If you have any allergies to bee products then you should not use them.


Can you use Propolis Spray Everyday?

Using propolis spray every day may contribute to a robust immune system.


Can You Overuse Propolis Spray?

Propolis has not been shown to have any human toxicity. However, it is important to know if you have an allergy to bee products before using propolis.

Utilizing a natural remedy such as propolis may help to boost your own innate immune system.

Personal Propolis Review

I am personally a huge fan of propolis and propolis throat spray.

I use propolis in many ways in my daily life.

From propolis capsules orally to diffusing propolis and also using a medical mask to inhale it.

If you have gotten this far in our bee propolis spray post then I have a special treat for you.

You can get a therapy model propolis diffuser here. It comes with one adult mask and child mask. 

You will want to get the special propolis capsules here to go with it.

So in addition to a throat spray you can diffuse it into the atmosphere to take out harmful viruses and utilize the mask as a therapeutic option.

Propolis helps my body stay healthy and naturally ward off viruses, bacteria and fungi.

My Recommendations Propolis Products:


propolis spray

Working Alongside the Bees | Eden Hot Springs

Years ago when I was volunteering at a David Wolfe | David Wilcock event at Eden Hot Springs in Arizona.

 I had the magical opportunity to not only work with the bee medicine but be surrounded by them.

As one of the tonic bar keepers at the event, we worked with the Wild, Arizona Honey in all the drinks we were making.

With how busy the tonic bar was the honey was flowing which attracted nearby bees.

I remember them sitting on my hand as I was blending and them buzzing around us.

The other tonic keepers and I were at ease with them around and it made the experience that much more epic.

They exude a high vibration.

Bees in my opinion have super powers. To create all this medicine is a wonder indeed.

If we can ethically go about our harvesting ensuring the bees have plenty then we can share in the medicine.

You can learn more about Native Bees in this book here.

And just maybe you will tend to your own backyard bees if you feel inspired.

We also had lots of respect for the bee medicine at the event and it was definitely my initiation into the bee world.

bee propolis throat spray

Bee Propolis Spray Recap

In this post we shared about bee propolis throat spray.

We talked about the benefits such as:

  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal


We shared some compelling medical research to back up these claims.

We also shared the multitude of benefits that bee propolis and products like bee propolis spray may offer us humans.

From helping with:

  • Common Colds
  • Easing Coughs
  • Boosting the Immune System
  • Reducing Viral Replication
  • Decreasing Viral load
  • Stopping Spike protein

It could be a potent natural remedy in your natural medicine cabinet. 

In fact, I highly recommend adding it to your natural medicine cabinet so you always have some on hand.

We also shared #1 Amazon Pick Propolis Spray as well as a distillation of what some of the reviews say.

I shared some personal experiences working with bees and how I feel about bee propolis spray and propolis.

And we found out the Ancient uses for propolis and honey!

I also shared some links for some of my favorite propolis therapeutic tools.

It’s my hope you will find some value in this post and perhaps be able to utilize propolis to enrich your immune system.

If you enjoyed this article about bee propolis throat spray you may like our article: 3 Potent Cough Remedies here.

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