3 Potent Cough Remedies For Adults

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Natural Cough Remedies for Adults: 

Cough remedies for adults are needed now more than ever. 

Respiratory issues are one of the number one challenges people face in the Autumn and Winter months.

Nature’s Potent Medicines for Coughs

In this article, we cover nature’s potent medicines to help coughing go away and to give you top cough remedies and solutions for adults & children alike.

As well as tips that can help prevent colds in the future.

From environmental toxins, viruses, mold, fungi , and unhealthy habits such as smoking or poor posture our respiratory system is compromised.

This site is all about root causes and so instead of just a quick fix we will also get into cough remedies for the long haul.

However, because I realize many would like the answer first I will give the cough remedies solutions first and then I will dive deep into tips and long-term strategies to keep them at bay.

natural cough remedies

Cough Remedies For Adults

This protocol can significantly help resolve a cough so that  you can squash it and get back to your life.

The top effective treatment as a natural remedy for coughs are spice extracts of wild oregano, sage, cinnamon and cumin oil.

These must be from pristine sources in the wild or high mountain grown for it to be truly effective.

Step 1. Take a wild or high mountain grown multispice extract.

Oregaresp in the soft gel format is the most potent natural cough remedies approach I have ever found. You can get it here on Amazon.

You can see in this study how these type of medicinal plants effects the coughing reflex and airflow to the nasal tract.

This combo of multi spice extracts takes out germs, viruses, mold, and different types of fungi.

Cough remedies like this are of the highest integrity and most potent because they don’t harm your body and come from nature’s pantry.

They boost your body’s antiviral defenses due to their rich compounds, flavonoids, and phenolic agents. 

Taking several gel caps with meals at the onset of a cough can be a lifesaver.

Cough remedies such as this need to be stocked in everyone’s medicine cabinet today as a defense against noxious germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold.

If you have a cold that is present in the lungs this multi-spice extract will help combat it naturally.

What if the issue is also in the throat or oral cavity? 

The best approach to squash a cough fast is with the wild juice of oregano leaves. Here is the one I use and it is incredibly effective

Cough Home Remedy Instructions

Gargle for a few minutes with the wild juice of oregano and then swallow. 

Take 1 tbs at a time until it stops.

This is so powerful and it will tingle your mouth quite a bit as it kills of bad bacteria or viruses. The good news is it will squash a cough quickly.

This goes deep into the oral cavity and can help detox the spine of viruses.

For stubborn cough add in Oregano oil drops

You may also want to consider wild oregano oil drops in the mouth.

Where the oregaresp targets infections of the lungs and chest the oregano oil will target the upper throat area and oral cavity to squash germs in this area that may be breeding.

A couple of drops under the tongue is a very potent natural cough remedies solution.

I only trust the wild P73 oregano you can find here on Amazon.

If you look elsewhere be sure it is high mountain sourced and wild away from pollutants. 

Wild medicine is stronger and richer in healing compounds.

Taking all 3 of these can help if you have a deep cough that is in the lungs while simultaneously clearing out the oral and throat passageways with the drops.

You can also apply the drops to the feet to help boost the immune system. 

Step 2. Nasal Spray | Chest Salve | Steam Inhalation

Natural cough remedies like this next one are rare and special yet have been used for hundreds of years as a natural remedy to a cough or cold.

Medicinal Chest Salve

A medicinal chest salve or balm topically on the chest can soothe a cough fairly quickly.

It must have potent herbs that are known to remedy a cough.

The plant allies that work best are hyssop, thyme, ravensara, rosemary, eucalyptus and of course oregano.

Simply take some of the medicinal salve and rub it over the chest area.

The airways will start to open up and help ease a cough.

You can get a potent cough remedies balm here.

This salve can be beneficial for small children who may have a cough or cold as well.

It is potent but gentle and I find it wonderful to apply also to the nostrils to keep germs at bay.

Applying the salve at night before bed is a way to stop coughing at night.

Nasal Spray

Next you may want to implore the use of an oregano nasal spray. I will say this one is not for the faint at heart.

It can burn, but I love the medicinal quality and how this works to disinfect the nasal path ways.

If you are going to be in an environment of stale, old air, or surrounded by lots of people like at an airport this is key to the natural cough remedies program.

Sage Oil Steam

If you take hot purified water in a bowl and add sage essential oil drops you can breathe in the beneficial vapors of wild sage.

You can read more in this study of how sage is a potent respiratory disease quencher.

Put a towel over the head to lock in the vapors and do this for 10-15 minutes daily.

Step 3: Medicinal Honey & Tea Cough Remedies

The anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-cough effects of a wild quality sourced honey are significant.

We can see here in this study the profound effects such honey has on the common cold or in the tool box of cough remedies.

Wild raw honey is full of antibiotic substances naturally from nature. We can thank the bees for concentrating this natural medicine into the honey.

You must be sure to get a raw source so that the enzymes are intact.

Yes honey is a sugar but it is from nature’s medicine cabinet and has a proven track record of helping a cough.

Find an exceptionally sourced wild medicinal oregano flower honey like the one pictured above.

It is a rare wild honey where the bees are never fed sugar and the medicine from the oregano is infused into the honey from the flowers.

This gem is something to keep in the medicine cupboard so you can add in to a steeping hot tea when you are enduring a cough.

It is a potent natural cough suppressant and has as cleansing action on the bronchial tubes.

Implore teas such as oregano tea freshly ground, fresh ginger and elderberry tea.

These three natural remedies have actual studies showing efficacy as a natural cough remedies.

Fresh organic or wild pulverized oregano tea is a superior antiseptic. The oregano is a key player at removing noxious bacteria and germs.

Ginger helps ease the inflammation in the lungs.  

Research backs up the use of elderberry as a potent natural cough remedy to prevent and treat coughs.

You can see in this study elderberry has profound effects on viral respiratory illness.


cough remedies

Cough Remedies Protocol Recap

This powerful 3 step protocol for cough remedies can now be a staple in your natural medicine cupboard.

Keep the multi-spice extract soft gels on hand for you and your family members as the perfect natural cough remedies solution.

This works great for lung and respiratory issues.

Add in the wild oregano oil as drops if the throat or oral cavity seems infected as well.

Stubborn Cases

The other potent remedy if the cough or illness is deep in the body is the oregano juice and a castor pack over the chest.

The juice is very potent but a small amount will help go deep into the body and purge the spine specifically of toxins.

Gargle with the oregano juice and also immunity shots of this potent juice is an outstanding cough remedy.

We also mentioned the salve topically on the chest.

And the 3 teas of oregano, elderberry and ginger to combat coughs naturally.

Adding in a wild medicinal honey will help soothe a cough and coat the throat with a protective barrier.

Remember to use the steam vapor method as well as the nasal spray as potent natural cough remedies add ons.

Cough Remedies Revealed

I shared the main course of action upfront but this section is for those that want deeper info on tips and solutions for a healthy respiratory tract.

And as a way to prevent infections, viruses and coughing attacks.

The natural pharmacy we find in nature is the best way to treat our lungs.

The lungs are very delicate and are so perfectly designed there is no question a higher power has created them.

These tips can help you prevent coughs and serve as natural cough remedies so you and your family can live better, healthier lives.

The respiratory system includes the following organ system:

  • mouth
  • sinus cavity
  • ear canal
  • throat
  • lungs
  • bronchial tubing

Coughs are so prevalent today it is a main reason people go to the doctor.

But what if a cough or pain in the lung is never really treated?

It can then worsen to things like pneumonia, bronchitis or chronic sinus issues.

What’s more as it could result in a disease or illness such as cancer if let unresolved.

cough remedies for adults

Cellular Environment & Cough Remedies

There can be so many reasons for a cough today.

From mold, heavy metals, poor air quality, environmental poisons, smoking and viruses we need to stay vigilant in protecting our respiratory system.

Dank, stale air in the winter months when people are couped up inside is a major concern.

What’s more is if someone is sick the ease of germs spreading is multifold in such environments.

Dank basements are some of the worst places for the health of the lungs.

People that have jobs outdoors in the winter rarely get sick.

They are breathing new fresh air. 

And living in an area with loads of trees helps to keep your body surrounded by fresh sources of oxygen.

Deforestation is a serious concern for the health of our lungs and plays a part in natural cough remedies.

It may sound silly but how do you think great big trees that line a freeway for example stay so strong , healthy and vibrant?

They are producing phytochemicals to combat the stress and pollutants.

The trees are so very wise and brilliant in there make up. Just look at tree branches and they resemble the lungs.

Cough Remedies Prevention Tips

Many conditions can effect the breathing capacity and be apart of any natural cough remedies protocol.

From abdominal illnesses, anxiety, stress, meds and especially poor posture it compromises the lung function.

A simple approach to cough remedies is to work on your posture and breathing.

We as a people have forgotten how to breathe. With shallow, short breathing we bring in a fraction of cleansing oxygen to our respiratory system.

With long, slow, deep belly breathing we can not only improve our health and fight off coughs and colds but cleanse our air pathways naturally.

Better yet do deep breathing exercises in nature, in the forest or near the ocean and use these as natural cough remedies or as preventatives.

When we slouch or have poor posture our organs are cramped and this compromises the lungs capacity to work efficiently.

Start to work on your posture and your overall health will increase.

Mouth Breathing and Natural Cough Solutions

One issue that heavily impacts our lungs and overall respiratory system is the way in which we breathe.

Mouth breathing is dangerous. Mouths are for taking in food for nourishment.

The nostrils are the way to take in air via the lungs. They have hairs to catch toxins before they make it into the body. 

They also signal us with smells to know if the air is healthy to breathe.

The lungs are made to filter the air and the mouth does not have such a mechanism.

What’s more is that toxic air quality in our home environments plays a huge role in getting sick with a cough or cold.

It is important to breathe fresh outdoor air and implore the use of an air filter while being sure to clean up dust.

If you live in a moldy environment you can never fully get well.

natural cough remedies

Cough Remedies Tips

Take time to work on your breathing. Notice when you are breathing short and shallow.

Start to breathe from deep within where the belly pulses out. Breathing is an exercise we must relearn if we want to prevent coughs and colds.

Simply fixing your posture will do wonders for you health and the prevention of coughs and colds.

It will lessen pressure on your organs, improve digestion and lessen the impact on the abdomen.

Take care of your spinal alignment and notice effects in your health and use this as prevention to cough remedies.

Our nostrils are designed to take in air and also warn us of germs or toxins. The lungs are filters. The mouth is for taking in nourishment. This tip alone will help stop many germs from coming into your body.

Consider a home air filter especially in the bedroom.

Be sure to keep your home dust free as much as possible. As this is a source of mold and bacteria  that is often a huge issue for those with a nagging cough.

A detox bath can be helpful to ease a cough. You can add eucalyptus essential oil drops or sage.

Be careful to only use a couple of drops and mix it in a small amount of oil first. 

Otherwise it could sting. Start with a few drops in oil and see how you do.

You can also try adding freshly grated ginger.

You would put the grated ginger in a muslin bag and let it hang off the water spigot of the bath.

Adding in magnesium flakes helps to calm the body and some baking soda can alkalinize the tissues from acids.

Coughs can get worse at night as the lymph starts to settle and is gets stagnant since we are more active in the day.

What’s more is we lose the suns healing rays. 

And it is interesting to note colds are more prevalent in the winter months when we get far less sun. It may be a good sign to supplement with some Vitamin D.

Vitamin D from the suns rays is a key to boosting our immune systems.

To stop coughing at night take a detox bath & drink a cup of one of the medicinal teas suggested above with honey.

Coughs and colds can be intensified with hard to digest or heavy foods.

It is best to keep a light but nourishing blended or liquid food diet.

This way your body can use all its energy to repair and heal.

Think about adding in warm nourishing soups and broths.

Take in green vegetable juices to fill the body with live, active enzymes and proper hydration.

Lifestyle Choices as Cough Remedies

I add this section because there are ways we can prevent the need for natural cough remedies when we take great care of ourselves.

This does not mean you may never get a cough or a cold.

It is only to suggest some helpful solutions to prevent the common cold through lifestyle choices.

  1. Take great care of your adrenals. With healthy adrenals we can overcome the stress in our day to day lives.

    They are needed for blood flow and oxygen transport.
    And when the adrenals fail the lungs follow suit.

    They are significant at protecting us from respiratory illness.

    Many people get sick when they are very stressed out.

    This is a sure sign the adrenals are taxed.

    Be sure to nourish your adrenals with whole food vitamin c powder or liposomal vitamin c for best absorption.

    Eating an orange is not going to cut it. You need a potent amount to really help nourish your adrenals.

    Another substance that is highly beneficial for your adrenal glands is royal jelly.

    Royal jelly is one of the most potent all natural plant steroids to implore for adrenal nourishment and it is completely non toxic.

    It is a high integrity substance the queen bees produce.

    When sustainably harvested this makes for a potent cough remedies approach and as a long term prevention strategy.

    And what depletes and wrecks your adrenal glands? White sugar and stress and stimulants.

    Try out royal jelly for yourself.

  2. Proper Ventilation in your home even in the winter months is crucial to preventing respiratory illness.

    Basement air is one of the most toxic, especially in the winter months. 

    With proper ventilation in the bathroom and home or even cracking the windows for a time it can significantly impact air quality in the winter months.
    It does not see much sun light and is a prime area or breeding ground for mold, and toxins.

    Consider a
    diffuser with essential oils as a way to clean up bacteria in the air.

  3. A diet rich in good healthy bacteria from kim chi, kefir and whole organic foods can go along way in prevention steps to cough remedies.

  4. Lessen your stress where possible. Mental health and feeling your best helps to keep your immune system strong. 

    And actually immune system health has a lot to do with our stress levels and how healthy our relationships are.

    This can have a bigger impact than food choices to some degree.

In Conclusion

This article was all about natural cough remedies for adults, kids and for ways to prevent coughs and colds.

We went over a step by step protocol to help during a cough or a cold situation.

You also will want to keep your medicine cupboard stocked with the oregano products suggested before the winter sets in.

We mentioned lifestyle prevention ideas and ways to strengthen your adrenals with royal jelly and vitamin c.

Stress is a huge issue when it comes to getting sick so this is one of the most important areas to address.

With good hygiene and these 3 potent remedies as well as our tips and solutions above for natural cough remedies we got your back here at Dodhisattva.

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