Quick Guide: Natural Remedy For Anxiety

natural remedy for anxiety

In this Natural Remedy for Anxiety Guide we will learn techniques, tools and herbal supplements to help lessen anxiety.

And we will look to rewire our response so we can weaken anxieties grip over our lives.

When we expose the root cause we can rewire our brain and over time lessen anxiety and stress responses.

Of course this article is in no way a substitute for a licensed health professional to assist you with anxiety.

Seek the guidance of a professional as needed.

So what is the best natural remedy for anxiety? If we want to get to the root some self exploration is required. Let’s take a look.

Your Body is The Key

Because our body is mirroring what is happening in the mind it is important to become physically aware of what sensations or symptoms the body gives you.

Our brain is also reflecting the minds chatter and dis-ease.

Some of those body symptoms could be:

  • Restlessness
  • Sweating
  • Stomach Discomfort
  • Headaches
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Tension
  • Mood Changes
  • Concentration Issues

just to name a few.

You may have different symptoms than this but the point is to take note of your bodies signals.

Our bodies give us a message that something is not quite right and listening to these signals is paramount to a natural remedy for anxiety.

What Relieves Anxiety Fast?

Take time to move the energy out of your body. 


Take a deep belly breath and then sigh out loud. 

This simple step is super powerful.

If you yawn that is also great. This signals your body that you are in the parasympathetic state.

The parasympathetic state is a relaxed state of being.

The sighing or yawning promotes this signal in your body.

You are literally moving stuck energy out of the body.

If this interests you, you may enjoy the Emotional Freedom Course over in the shop section.

Self Soothing to Relieve Anxiety Fast

Look to your breath as a key to bring you into the moment and look for an anchor that is soothing to your mind in the physical environment around you.

Self soothing the body into a state of relaxation is powerful yet simple, so don’t be fooled by the simple action of it.

You take your hands and from the shoulders down your arms you bring a light, soothing touch.

Other options to facilitate this same calming brain experience is by pretending to wash your hands.

When you touch your hands like this as you would when you wash your hands it is self soothing.

Lastly you can gently touch around your eyes in circles on this delicate skin area.

These techniques help to soothe your nervous system.

It is called Self Havening. Katie Truit wrote an entire book about it and you can find that in the book below.

If you ask yourself, “how do I train my brain to stop anxiety?,” then self havening is something that can be extremely helpful.

Portrait of Stress and Anxiety

What is the 3 3 3 Rule Anxiety?

The 3 3 3 Rule for anxiety can also quickly get you moving out of a triggered response.

  • Simply name 3 physical things in your immediate surroundings.
  • Then you can identify 3 things you hear
  • And now move 3 parts on your physical body

This can be a quick way to move your mind out of a triggered state.

Natural Anxiety Remedy Assessment

Now it is time to ask yourself why you are feeling this way. 

If you can be honest with yourself in this step you can uncover the root easier and make lasting change in your neural net.

The key is to go deep and not just a surface why

You might then ask yourself why a handful of times digging deeper and deeper with each why.

The key here is to dig deep and get to the root.

You will want to write it out as well as authentically express yourself verbally to a friend or just in prayer to God.

With getting these thoughts out and intuitively empowering yourself that you do hold the answer to the root issue it weakens the hold the anxiety has over you.

Perception is key and as we vocalize and write down our findings it opens up our view of the situation.

 Assessment for Natural Remedy for Anxiety

  • Unblocks our Perspective
  • Helps Create a healthier more flexible mind so you can create new pathways and thought patterns.
  • Awakens your True Power to be a Hero in Your Own Life.

    Some of us light worker types need to process the information so we can come out the other side. 

    Once it is processed and verbally shared with a loving compassionate source we can let it go.

“Self-observation is the first step of inner unfolding.”

Modify and Re-Read to See Patterns

As you go over what you wrote and discussed you can find patterns.

A natural anxiety remedy comes from doing that inner work by seeing: is it a person, place or thing that is the trigger?

What are the patterns here so I might loosen its hold over my mind in future experiences.

Here you will gain awareness of the subtle symptoms but also the deeper causation.

Do not get to wrapped up in this section but instead only spend a few moments here so you can take action to move forward.

Natural Remedy for Anxiety Take Action

Once the perspective is gained and you have discussed it with yourself or someone you trust you can now take deliberate action.

Perhaps it is to take a break from what you are doing that is causing the stress or a nap or to write down and organize your thoughts.

But how do you fight strong anxiety?

You might want to do a guided meditation.

Sometimes we need a guide to get our brain moving in a more calm state.

You can also listen to tracks with binaural beats that will calm your brain waves down. You can find tons of these on youtube.

Do you need to set a healthy boundary with that person, place or thing?

Taking action that will create movement away from the stuck pattern.

Just remember to be able widen the lense of our perception is a key to be able to get to the root and move forward.

What you react to in others, you strengthen in yourself.

What Is A Good Vitamin For Anxiety?

Sometimes herbs can be a powerful adjunct as a natural anxiety remedy.

Gaia Herbs makes 2 powerful formulas I recommend for releasing stress and anxiety.

These are called

Stress Response and Calm ASAP

Check out the reviews on amazon via the links above.  They use phyto liquid extracts of powerful herbs that really work to ease the nervous system.

Some ask the question, “is magnesium is good for anxiety?,”  It is one of my favorite relaxation and stress reduction tools. 

My favorite soaking magnesium is here.

Tips For A Natural Remedy for Anxiety

  • Remember to look at the root cause and make changes as necessary.
  • Seek professional help to get support.
  • Change your diet to whole organic foods and stay away from food allergens or gluten.
  • Take a good quality probiotic so you can feed the good bacteria in your gut.

Our gut is our second brain and plays a role in our thoughts and emotions.

  • Lessen time on devices and connect more with the physical world around you. 
  • Grounding out in nature, starting a new hobby offline can be very helpful for mental health and well being.
  • Self Havening helps to calm our nervous system down
  • Natural herbs can help to lessen anxious thoughts.

    A natural remedy for anxiety can have many root causes. It can be from past trauma, foods we eat or an exposure to environmental toxins.

    The main thing this article teaches is to empower you to embrace and process the experience so you can weaken its grip over you.

    When we give our power away to things outside of us we lose control of our self respect.

    Let us learn to sit in the seat of our self respect as the stable witness of this drama, the trustee solid and free.

Summary Natural Remedy for Anxiety

These are ways to heal anxiety without drugs.

A natural remedy for anxiety is a holistic journey identifying the root cause.

Once we identify the symptoms we can self soothe and ground into our physical now moment.

From this place we can ask ourselves questions to get to the root cause.

Once we are here we can open up our perspective on the situation.

We can take action to create a new healthy pattern

Herbs, Diet and Lifestyle all play a role in our mental health and well being.

With healthy boundaries, getting our thoughts out, self soothing and new perceptions we can have a breakthrough in our awareness of the situation.

At what point is anxiety too much?

This is a natural remedy for anxiety but never has the ability to replace a therapist.

If it interferes with your day to day life it is time to look into guidance from a professional.

What helps you the most with anxiety? Share in the comments below.

You are the Hero of Your Own Story.

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