Practical Tips for Breast Health

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How can we optimize our breast health the super natural way? In this article I will share some practical tips to real breast health.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a disease or you just want to up your game and take care of your body in the most super natural way possible I am sure this post will be of service.

First and foremost  Epigenetics is an ally in maintaining healthy breast tissue.   Did you know that you can turn on your healthy genes just by living in a natural clean environment free of toxins and harmful microbes like mold spores? Or changing your mental state to exude one of empowerment and peace can turn those good genes on.

Let’s be honest, in this world a lot of people are turning on their so called, “bad genes” with lifestyle choices that do not protect and empower the breast cells.  Eating processed dead foods, using chemical cleansers and cleaning products in your home environment and mental states that are not rooted in power and peace can play a role in bad gene expression.

Tip: As we age we often need a boost in our stomach acid production. If you are eating a highly digestible diet like a ketogenic and fermented diet this may not be an issue. But if you have not yet mastered this know that Hydrochloric Acid Supplementation with an Activator substance can actually help express the healthy genes. This unique synergy of herbs gives a boost to your natural youthful like expression especially when eating cooked food meals. Through this process we donate methyl groups back to the cells enhancing their powerful expression.

We are in a unique situation these days where most the environment is supporting those genes that could turn into unhealthy one’s. The xeno-estrogens, municipal tap water laced with loads of toxins and drugs and the heavy metals sprayed in our atmosphere surely do not support the health of our bodies full expression.

But and their is a but you can live a super natural life through all of that. Become like a jedi and keep a powerful shield around your whole field. Here are my practical tips for breast health.

  1. Drink distilled water or live off the grid on spring water or how about both. I live on spring water and I can then take that wild water and distill if I choose. Then I can add something like Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to give it minerals and nutrients or megahydrate is another option to really uptake the water into the cell. Drinking distilled water provides a rest to your kidneys and can prove to be a wise move if you live on city tap water. This distiller on amazon that i provided the link for seems to me to be the best counter top unit with out questionable nickel, or plastic touching the water as it is made. Be weary of look a likes that cost far less. Buying a used one I feel is a bad investment, you want a warranty.
  2. Take supplement containing DIM or diindolylmethane which contains the potent I3c or indol 3 carbonyl found in cruciferous vegetables and plants to help clear out estrogen mimmickers like xeno-estrogens. These things can wreak havoc on breast cells and we want to clear these toxins from the body. Eating steamed cruciferous veggies is of course important yet in todays day I highly recommend supplmenting this substance to clear the excess and create amazing breast health. Consider DIM supplementation.
  3. Make seaweed soup a staple in your home. The iodine from sea vegetables will support the bodies detoxification pathways and nourish the glandular system. Women require more iodine than men because not only does our thyroid require nourishment but also our breast and ovaries. Choose your seaweed responsibly and look for icelandic sea vegetables which are cleaner than most around the world. If you are dealing with a chronic disease or are or have been exposed to radiation or x-rays consider supplementation of biofilam. Through a skype consult we could discuss dosage.
  4. Get your lymphatic system moving. Do whatever excites you but just get it moving. Because the lymph does not have a pump like the heart these pathways require movement to detoxify. Try rebounding, uphill walking, and skin brushing.
  5. Skin Brushing is an important tool to breast health. My favorite way to do this is with a little essential oil on the palm of the hand, then brush the skin brush across the oils now start to skin brush towards the heart. My favorite essential oil for this task is Living Libations Lymph Tonic. It is potent and powerful and pure. I also highly recommend their skin brushes.
  6. I save the best for last. Last is the breast massage oil by Living Libations. It is the most potent tonic for your breast health. This is one of the best gifts you could give a woman. It is full of powerful plant messengers to clear and nourish the breast cells of any unwanted toxins. Give it a try for yourself.

So these are my most potent practical tips for your breast health. Stay hydrated, support your body with loving kindness and share this with a beautiful friend whom could really benefit from this advice. You are loved and supported.

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