Nopales Cactus Salad Recipe

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Hello! So it has been pretty hot here in California and it is all about hydration.  The prickly pear of the cactus plant is so amazing and stunning in it’s rich color as you can see there from the featured image. We are not using that portion but instead the pads shown here in the article, however I could not resist to share that picture of the prickly pear fruit.

prickly-pear-cactusI will say that I am very fond of cacti, especially prickly pear. There are an intelligent species. In the middle of a blazing hot desert they are sucking in any moisture that comes there way. In a desert if you were thirsty they are a smart place to look for a quenching bit of water.  They are remaining mineral rich and saturated w/ gorgeous color. They bloom beautiful flowers and continue to multiply. Aaahh the joys of awareness and the cactus. Quickly, I will just share that w/ the prickly pear portion you can do lots! Be very careful harvesting the cactus and learn about this before doing it. Also give something back to the land, perhaps a prayer, a song or another medicine offering to the cacti. You can make juice, eat it as is, make it into a fermented jun soda and so much more. It really adds beauty to any meal. And I am happy to share a recipe soon w/ this aspect of the plant.

nopales-1So here we are going to make a salad and utilize the nopales (pads). These medicinal pads are full of minerals and b vitamins.  I have shared before how much more potent wild food is compared to conventional, it also gives you deeper character in my humble opinion and a deeper sense of connection to life. They have plenty of fiber that is great for the colon. And the inside once you slice these into strips has an aloe like texture. For some this may not be suitable as it might be too medicinal in texture. I quite enjoy it. Especially in the heat. It is like a massage to the digestive tract and very soothing at that. The nopales are also very good for the connective tissue so if you have any joint issues think of it as therapy to the bodies ligaments, tendons and joints….that’s right! And its a potent medicine to any gut healing protocol since it helps to lubricate the villi of the intestines.  The sprouts in this salad make up the bulk of the meal. These are light powered foods giving your body the much needed light that it requires to continue to thrive as a human. Humans are light eaters so sprouts encourage the full activation of a human. The sunflower sprouts are an incredible way to get your zinc requirements for the day. They have valuable and easily absorbable nutrition for our bodies.

So here we go with a simple, nourishing, medicinal and light but satisfying recipe.


The Nopales and Sprout Salad (Serves 2-3)

1 large container of Sunflower Sprouts

1 small batch of Red Clover sprouts or sprout of choice

1 good size of a nopales pad

1 large heirloom tomato

2 tbs. of Aged Basalmic Vinegar or Lemon/Lime Juice if you prefer

1 large avocado

Solar Dried Pink SaltIMG_2953


First rinse your Nopales well and if you fresh harvested it obviously make sure all the prickers are removed. Next you slice it into thin strips and then cube it.  Add this to your mixing bowl along w/ all the sprouts. Chop up a large heirloom tomato and avocado. Add this. Top w/ the vinegar or lime juice and salt. Mix well. Serve and Enjoy as a refreshing medicinal part to your afternoon. I find that the wild foods have a certain intelligence that if sensitive enough you can pick up on subtle messages and its quite potent. Its healing, restorative and well …activating. Give thanks for the fruits and bounty of our earth. It’s so exciting to share with you. Love, Dodhisattva




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