Mineral Rich Soup Recipe (BED)


I have been enjoying lots of incredible soups such as this one. The fall season is starting to make its way through Northern California. So I am on the teas and soups regularly.FullSizeRender

Besides blended soups being super easy to digest, you can really get a lot of nutrient rich nourishment into a blended soup with a broth, stock or tea base. For this one I made a homemade
vegetable & sea vegetable stock.

Here it is:

3-4 cups home made stock (this could be a tea like pau d arco as an anti-fungal treatment, or a veggie stock like the one i’ve made today).

Here is my stock recipe: Cut up your favorite non starchy heirloom veggies and be sure to add sea vegetables like dulse, wakame, hijiki or kombu.

I added about 6 strips or so of Kombu. Super mineralizing and great for vegan/vegetarian mineral source.
Then I chopped celery, a few purple heirloom carrots, onions, leeks, daikon, garlic and warmed them in some butter softening the veggies.

Fill the pot with desired amount of clean water and add in these veggies. Fresh thyme, bay leaf, fresh dill & parsley are really a great addition. You could add some chaga chunks as well for added immunity.

After it simmers for around an hour take the stock off and pour thru a strainer about 3-4 cups of broth in the vitamix.

Next chop some celery in grass fed butter or coconut oil and gently warm with onion. then top with lots of clean chopped kale and allow it to steam. You could add chard as well. Just make sure to steam it just enough to break down the oxalic acid. Now that you have this prepared, pour on top of stock.

Add ins: Turmeric Powder or fresh root, Spirulina, PRL’s Nutritional Yeast and about 2 tbs og tahini or your desired healthy fat choice.

Other optimal add ins for Jing Rebuild would be He Shou Wu or other tonic herbs.

Blend on high and then gently blend in 2 scoopfuls collagen. Place in serving bowls, serve with cultured vegetables and if you wish add your desired protein choice or for some the Spirulina does the trick. Enjoy!

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