Medicinal Miso Soup

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For the last few days I was truly craving a medicinal miso soup. I had the idea in my mind and wow it really came thru tonight. My secret is a high quality miso with the koji culture (be abundant w/ how much you use), making a veggie broth as the base and in that veggie broth adding chinese tonic herbs that you feel are a good fit for you that day, today mine is Shu Di Huang or Prepared Rhemmania. So here’s the recipe:

4-6 cups of homemade vegetable broth (springwater base) with added tonic herbs. Today it was Shu Di and sometimes its Chaga.

Next fill your blender with 4 or 5 tbs of premier nutritional yeast, 4 tbs of a high quality miso and a few nori sheets if you like ( i actually did not have any on hand this time)

Strain in the veggie broth and blend on high. Make sure the flavor is to your liking, add more miso if needed. For me the broth is so flavorful with bay leaves, rosemary, thyme, daikon, celery leaves and heirloom carrots that its so spot on.

Next chop up cilantro, bok choy and cube ripe avocados (my favorites are reed avocados). Add equal portions to two soup bowls. Pour broth over the veggies and avo. Next top with fresh grated turmeric or heaps of turmeric powder.

This is so epic and nourishing down to the golden gates our kidneys!

Enjoy my friends. Nourish your Jing.

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