Keep Up & You will Be Kept Up.

The title of this article is a great quote from Yogi Bhajan. Recently I was at a prosperity Kundalini Yoga class at my teacher’s home in Santa Ana, California, known as The House of Guru Ram Das & the 4th of the 10 Gurus.

The class went on for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. In order for our energetic bodies to be led through the maya, the invisible, the visible, the seen and unseen we must keep up with the mantra’s and all things that assist in maintaining our bodies. As we allow this into our experience we are given the great gifts of prosperity. Prosperity can come in the form of great health, wealth, keen super senses & great friends/family around you.

Super Natural Living for Your Super Senses.~

We are always handsomely rewarded for the little things we do to keep up. For example, the 24 hour water fast is a wonderful way to clean and purify the body from the toxic overload presented to us on a daily basis. When our blood stream is clean we have peace of mind, a stronger will, happy hearts and long lasting energy. It is the key to maintaining cellular integrity. This type of fast is a steady and gradual way to purify the blood stream. It also keeps us connected to the Divine Energy and gives our minds great strength and clarity. Over time doing the 24 hour water fast can lead us to great health and the opportunity to enjoy longer water fasts. All the great Sages of this earth taught and chose fasting as a way to purify the mind, body and spirit. I have found that juice fasting/feasting is a great way to introduce into water fasting. However, when one is ready the water fast is a deep experience that is well worth the sacrifice. If you would like to see physical proof that your fast is working take your first urine each day that you water fast and collect it. Watch as the impurities settle over the next days and weeks and then you will realize what you have accomplished.  Fasting is a time for resting and giving the body time to rejuvenate as we allow Mother Nature to clean us out. Fasting coupled with a healthy non denatured diet in between will be an incredible combination in your journey for optimal health.  Your weekly fast will assist your weight to normalize if this is an issue.

Another great tool is being aware of our posture and the muscles that support our trunk.  These muscles hold up the body including the spine. When the spine is no longer supported due to weak muscles there will be an overall sense of discord through out the body. Energy can not flow properly and some organs or body parts get shut off from the life flow.

Incorporate Yoga & Strength Training for Great Posture

This also holds true for crossing the legs. When we cross the legs we cut off blood flow from the main arteries streaming through to our feet. This causes increased calcification in the feet and varicose veins of the legs. Do your best to sit up straight and keep your feet flat on the floor. You can create an energy circuit between yourself and the ground in this grounded state as well. With your feet flat on the ground or floor imagine being plugged into the neural network of the earth and imagine a stream of electricity going in through your leg up through your groin back down your other leg into the ground. This creates a solid ground to connect with the earth and allows for more energy flow. You can also in this state spin your chakras by imagining each of them beginning with the root chakra and turning it clockwise. Imagine the color red and go up through each of your chakras until you have reached the crown.  As these centers are activated and your crown chakra connects with the ether you have created a heavenly circuit through out the body.

Other ways to keep up would be deep breathing in a well oxygenated environment as this releases built up toxins and carbon dioxide and allows for increased vital power to flow in the blood stream.

Stretching and moving the body daily will stimulate increased life power and give us mental strength & confidence.  When you maintain a strong core you are more likely to experience a healthy over all body and your bowel movements will be regular. When the muscles are allowed to weaken in this area the bowels can become plugged up creating a swollen stomach. To maintain healthy bowel movements your 24 hour purified water fast, along with great posture and strengthening the core muscles will assist this whole process greatly.

Deep Breathing Increases Our Life Power

When we are cleaned out and operating from a place of optimal health our minds are at peace and we are left with pure thoughts and good intentions. Alot of times people feel they must resort to alcohol, drugs or other forms of stimulant to get the feeling they so desire.  If only we could realize all those states we so wish to achieve could be created with a will and a desire to keep up the greatest gift we have been given, our bodies!  Keep up with your practice and ask for assistance from your Great Creator, allow in the abundance and give yourself recognition when it makes sense. Judging or criticizing ourselves or others never gets us anywhere so its best to just continue to make room for the positive and focus on that. As this becomes the norm the lower thoughts and energies no longer have a place to dwell.

So Keep Up & We Will All Be Kept Up! And So IT IS!

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  1. Thanks for giving me that gentle nudge to re-member myself:)
    When I first started reading, my shoulders were rounded and my legs crossed… Just grounding my feet on the earth and aligning my spine changed my outlook on the day! Thanks!

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