Jing Tonic Tea

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Gynostemma tea base or Chaga (either one is incredible as a base and gives us plenty of jedi health benefits)

Stevia to taste

1 – 3 tsp. Styrian Gold Pumpkin Oil

1- 2 ounces Raw Grass fed Cream

1- 2 tbs. He Shou Wu (20:1 Extract is what I am using and I would love to provide you with my source) I support companies that sell tonic herbs at a REASONABLE price while providing us with the HIGHEST quality. This means they actually care about our health, not just profit! Too many companies are selling tonic herbs at ridiculous prices and that is not the real deal, helping people with health. I buy my He Shou Wu by the KILO and its top grade. DM me for details on instagram or here in the contact form.

1 -2 tsp cordyceps or 6 capsules

1 tsp reishi

1 tbs goji berries

Start by brewing chaga or gynostemma tea. Then on the tongue take the cordyceps and feel the activity of the frontal lobe. If you have quality cordyceps you will feel the distinction. Contact me for details on quality Cordyceps. This way the mushroom intelligence goes straight into the blood and passed the brain barrier. Now eat the goji berries for max jing and clean the palate.

Next add the chaga or gynostemma to your blender and add in the oil, cream, he shou wu and reishi. Add stevia to taste. Blend  on high and serve. Top with high quality cinnamon to seal the matrix of the tonic.  Dr. Robert Marshall (one of my mentor’s) has tested quality organic cinnamon of certain species to seal the matrix of our sweet foods and turmeric to seal the matrix of our savory foods. This means that if a food tests weak to some area of our bodies the cinnamon or turmeric will help to seal the whole or gap. Learn more in my custom programs by getting a consultation with me:)



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