Ital Sushi Wraps


Okay another amazing recipe came through yesterday. It is more of a snack perhaps but for me it was my main dinner meal.

You will need:

Nori Sheets  – Iodine from a food source as well as protein

Romaine Lettuce – alkaline forming and hydrating

Tahini – tastes yummy, provides minerals and amino acids

Sauerkraut -probiotics and helps to digest food.

Shilajit – minerals and nutrients to feed the cellular structure since most food is super void of minerals anymore. The taste is acquired

Sprinkle of Hemp Seeds (Bulk Hemp Warehouse…Hemp actually grown in mineral rich soil)  Minerals, Fatty Acids and Nourishment

Coconut Aminos – flavor and nutritious

Avocado – essential fatty acids, potassium

Parsley -kidneys love this herb and gives flavor

Cilantro -metal chelator

Turmeric  – neutralizes inflammation and seals the matrix of savory foods

Cayenne Pepper or fresh Hot Peppers -circulation, color therapy

Okay so its super easy.  Simply take your tahini and spread a small amount into the middle of the sushi wrapper. Next sprinkle the cayenne, turmeric, hemp seeds and shilajit so it has something to stick to.

Next mince up your romaine, parsley and cilantro. Spread this mixture on. Add the sauerkraut, avocado slices and a sprinkle of coconut aminos.  Roll the wrap and seal with a bit of lemon juice or sauerkraut juice. Garnish with plenty of flowers and other exotic veggies for nourishing the whole being. Injoy!

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