Incredible Nutrient Rich Raw Soup

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FullSizeRenderLately my soups for dinner have been so grounding, nourishing and captivating to all the senses.  I hope you will make one soon. This particular soup might suit someone with messed up insulin needing to reprogram the boy in that way.  I would even say that an autoimmune or allergy individual may do well on this soup as the broccoli is well broken down and the brazil nuts are used sparingly and they are sprouted and organic.  Most allergies I have found are actually due to the accumulated toxins and pesticides not the actual nut. Once the broccoli and collards are well broken down this becomes a power house of bioavailable nutrition.

Here goes:

In the morning chop your veggies and marinate them in:

  • Cold Pressed Organic Pumpkin seed oil (nutrient rich oil)
  • Premier Air Dried Pink Salt  (minerals for the body, not like table salt that is toxic)
  • OG Fermented Coconut Vinegar or Apple Cider will do

The veggies I chopped and placed in a ceramic pie dish to be placed in the dehydrator at about 125 degrees for 6 hours (strip occasionally to make sure enough oil, vinegar and salt has broke down the veggies) are:

Onion -sulfur compounds

Celery – for kidneys and proper salt balance in the fluids of the body

Dandelion Greens -bitters to clean the liver

Broccoli -Indol 3 carbinol Dim for getting xeno estrogen out of body

Collard Greens -minerals/nutrients

The base of the soup will be a spring water tea:

2 1/2 to 3 cups of spring water or distilled water -clean base is foundational

a few cubes of ginger root – circulation/digestion

a few sprigs of fresh thyme – the thymus gland was named after the thyme leaf as it resembles it in structure and shape. This activates immune system and alleviates parasites.

Let steep for 20 minutes

Next: Take the Vitamix and Add the tea base straining out the ginger and thyme.  Make sure the tea is now only warm to the touch not too hot.


Now add in the following:

1/2 an og red bell pepper — vitamin c or if you don’t do night shades leave this out

3-4 nori sheets -iodine for not only thyroid but uterus, ovaries, and breasts

Generous amount Premier Nutritional Yeast – great source of vegan nutrients such as b vitamins

2 heaping tbs. south river chickpea miso  – good for friendly bacterias

8-12 soaked sprouted brazil nuts – great for the thyroid  b/c of the abundance of selenium


Blend on high until well incorporated. Now add in the veggies. Reserve 1/2  cup for garnish b/t two bowls or to puree it all blend the whole thing. I like to blend most of it well and cream it up.  Still chew you food even if blended well in the mouth to activate digestive response.


This soup is so excellent.



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