Hydrotherapy & How It Boosts Better Cell Health and Renewal

So what is hydrotherapy and how does it help to renew and boost cell health?
It has been used in ancient cultures and is not by any means a new therapy.
But it is an alternative therapy to that uses water for treating pain and disease.
From baths, to showers, steam rooms, hot or cold packs,  as well as colonics and enemas to name a few.

Hydrotherapy A Low Cost Natural Health Strategy

Cold showers are a low-cost, effective way of cleansing the body.  During an ice-cold water massage the capillaries open up.
After these capillaries return to normal the blood returns to the organs and these organs are flushed.
Here you have a way to save on your electric bill if you are not yet on solar and get healing in the body.
You get blood pumping to the heart, kidneys, lungs and liver. When this occurs the glands change their secretion.

Hydrotherapy for Anti-Aging

The glands are the guardians of our health. So as we keep our glands young we remain young. You ask the question, What is youth? Young glands my friend.

Cold Shower Benefits:

  • Radiant Skin
  • Capillaries Open
  • Organs are flushed of toxins
  • Blood Chemistry remains young and healthy
  • Stimulates healthy glandular secretions
  • With this therapy organs and circulatory system will be rebuilt.


Colonics and Enemas for Natural Health Hydrotherapy Strategies

Have you ever given a colonic or enema try. This is a way to introduce clean water to the colon to clean out the bowel system. It is a great adjunct during a fast. 

Essentially it bathes your colon and clears it of waste, parasites, yeast, fungus and toxins.

It also helps to dislodge old fecal matter that can block your body from healing.

Enemas and colonics can be a life saver during a face because they basically clear out toxins fast so you don’t get uncomfortable side effects.

If you have a blocked colon during a fast you might get a bad headache which no one likes.

You might be interested in my Intro Guide To Coffee Enemas if you are want to try a more advanced method of cleansing with enemas.

Other Hydrotherapy Strategies like Steam Rooms and Hot/Cold Packs

Less advanced ways to incorporate hydrotherapy are therapies like steam rooms where you have the water vapors and the heat to help detoxify the body.

You can add essential oils that really can take it next level to open up the lungs.

Sage essential oil is a great adjunct for this purpose.

If you have ever had an injury of some sort you either iced it or may have used a heat water bottle to help it heal. You were indeed using water therapy.

I hope this helped you see the many ways to incorporate this therapy in your natural health kit.

Let me know in the comments your favorite one!

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