How to Optimize Nutrient Absorption

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Nutrient absorption is a complex topic in our Modern World. How can we optimize our absorption of nutrients so that we get the full value out of our foods?

Lately, I have been pondering this thought and I have come up with some great steps to follow in order to optimize absorption of key nutrients.

As we go through life and put stress or strain on our digestive system through pesticides from conventional produce, genetic modification, processed foods or irritant foods for our unique constitution, this can sabotage our ability to digest and absorb nutrients to the fullest.

We can end up with lack of hydrochloric acid if we eat a high sugar diet or even if we highly heat our food.

Our stomach acid is there as an anti-septic, it will protect us from bacteria and viruses.

When you have a lack of hydro-chloric acid you are more likely to experience food poisoning and even acid reflux.

People often think acid reflux means they produce too much HCL, however this is not often the case at all.

There stomach acid is weak and needs to be healed as the function is being impaired.

Proper food combining, not over eating, taking in bitter plant greens at your meal time will help activate the gall bladder and liver while stimulating gastric juices.

Drinking water while eating can absolutely dilute that powerful acid. Water should be drank in between meals 2 hours before and 1 1/2 hours after.

A drink that could be taken before a meal to maximize mineral and nutrient absorption would be this cocktail:

Gentain Root

Dandelion Root

Ginger Root

Licorice Root

Simmer for 20 minutes 2-3 cups clean 0 tds water about 1 tsp of each wild or organic crafted herb.

Then store in the fridge and take 1 or 2 ounces warmed before your meal time.

Yes you could supplement with HCL its self from a capsule but I would do that if you are too lazy or have an acute infection as it works like an antiseptic.

When traveling it may be a great idea, especially to a foreign country.

Then I would also increase the intake of sunflower lecithin.

You can pick wild dandelion flowers and add them to a smoothie for free wild food lecithin or just buy a bag of the powder and add to every meal with fat.

This will digest the fat so you can absorb the nutrients.

Do a liver gallbladder cleanse and then stop the bad habits so your liver is clean and clear.

A great indicator your liver needs a tuning is negative emotions that seem to be chronic.

Another indicator is stagnancy in your life. Another indicator is excessive burping and belching.

Learn to incorporate a green smoothie or green blended soup into your lifestyle as a replacement for a solid meal.

This will help build HCL levels.  Try taking  a shot or two of Raw OG Apple Cider Vinegar between your meals as well.

Eating in a hurry, when stressed out or not in a peaceful state negatively impacts digestion.

It’s best to eat and only eat. Today our world has us eating while driving, working and while in a fight or flight state.

That is truly one of the worst things for digestion and optimum absorption of key nutrients.

Eating in gratitude and sending that frequency to the food will surely enhance what you extract from it.

These are my main tips.

It is pointless to buy expensive foods if you can not digest them properly.

Cut out the sweets and find something nourishing to feed your micro biome to create a healthy long life.

We often get instant gratification with sweets – eating convenience food or not paying attention to the details but like the old adage goes, the devil is in the details. Lets start looking at the long term health goals we have and create  incremental milestones to achieve our ultimate milestone.

Master absorption by mastering yourself along the way.

Additional Notes: Getting a high quality salt can be a top way to increase hydrochloric acid levels.

Start children out with salt in the mornings and teach them to drink water well before it’s time to eat.

This will take away hunger pains as often its water the body is craving.

If our gut lining is compromised we never can fully absorb nutrients, the focus then should be resealing the gut lining and repopulating the evolved microbes so that nutrients are absorbed with out issue.

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