How to Navigate Life as an Empathic Soul


If you are reading this it is likely you or someone you know is an empathic soul, a sensitive soul that has the ability to feel what other’s feel.

This can be overwhelming at first.

I sure know the feeling.

As an empathic soul myself I have felt bombarded with the feelings of others.

You might feel that some people just don’t understand you. Maybe they shrug it off and say,

“I don’t experience that, I just don’t let other people’s stuff bother me.”

But it’s likely you have a deeper sensory perception and your nervous system feels deeply when in the presence or talking with others.

You likely have a mission here to help clear the collective unconsciousness and with every new encounter you are embarking on a grand service to humanity.

Maybe you did not even realize this and now you can have new found strength that there is a divine plan for your ultra sensitivity. And we thank you for your contribution to the whole and for being here.

One step to better handling your sensitivity is to innerstand it is not all your own stuff that you feel. It is the collective’s stuff coming up to be healed, transformed, released or sent back to the void from where it came.

As you realize you have a powerful role to play you can have some detachment to the feelings and have a tool box on how to approach it.

I can relate to the emotions you must feel.

I have had countless experiences where I did not know how to handle the empathic gift I have.

Then I learned these tools and I am forever grateful for the deeper innerstanding and my willingness to apply the teachings.

First let’s start to practice holding space for ourselves, being comfortable with our sensitivity and power – holding our own energy.

I will assume you meditate and work to let go of limitations to elevate your consciousness. If not, this is a foundational principle.

If you are not powering up to the light of your infinite nature how will you be able to know what that feels like?

How will you create an intimate connection so you have solid footing to stand on in this 3D hologram?

How will you know how to expand and anchor that energy so as not to be swept away by others stuff or your own egoic tendencies?

The ego has a divine role. For without it we would not have the ability to groom ourselves or we might even walk out of the house naked without it. Its our ego in the sense of the many dark shadow aspects that we are speaking of.

So first things first cultivate your relationship with the Source.

charge yourself daily to anchor the light of your soul into who you really are.

Once you have this ability practice around people that don’t affect your vibe so much…then as you get better you can hold that space in more challenging encounters and then eventually it becomes your default setting.

Learn to be okay with feeling other people’s emotions, and recognize it for what it is – A collective wound coming up for acknowledgement and healing.

It is not that you too do not have your triggers (use these tools for your own wounds too) but detach from taking on others emotions.

Use each encounter as a great gift to free yourself even further! Empathy and compassion are great virtues to imbibe in these situations.

Breathe slow and relax. Unwind your nervous system and expand into all that there is surrounding you…love.

The rest is just a shadow emotion. Learn to recognize the truth of existence which is benevolence.

I have had my share of awkward and uncomfortable experiences.

It is also funny lately when I have told someone I knew what they were thinking and they were amazed and could not believe I picked up on what was going on with them in a business meeting recently.

I intend to have more telepathy & psychic abilities than i already do now as well as telekinesis abilities. I find living out in the mountains it is a great way to develop these skills and of course creating a deeper connection with our true infinite identity expands our gifts.

As many of you know there is a gridded mind control system in place known as MK ultra.

There is no dial for mind control, it is either on or off. Once this is lifted there will be a grand awakening. It will scare many because the kundalini will rise inside you and some will have psychedelic experiences, but those that have been on the spiritual path opening this channel for some time will gain access to more super powers and others will awaken to know whom they really are as well.

Truly nothing is outside of ourselves, meaning once we choose to life our own mind control and once and for all are happy to end our needless suffering this will disappear.  All truly is Self.

Next when you are in a situation where others feelings start to enter your field try saying what you would wish someone would have said to you in the past when you felt that way. All this stuck debris is coming up and requires acknowledgement.

If you sense anger in them – what would u have wished someone would have said  to you?

Similarly, if you are alone and some strange emotion comes up…do the same for yourself. If you feel needy or victimized feel where that sensation is in the body and then give yourself the support only you can give.

If you sense fear in yourself, what would you have wished someone would have said to you?  “Everything is okay, you are safe. Life supports you and love is truly all there is so only good is happening, this is a benevolent place.  I love you.”

Even if the person you are sharing this with does not get it when you respond with love it is you that receives a healing, and hopefully if they are open they will too. Awkwardness can be the transition emotion from dark to light.

Allow awkwardness. When you tell someone you love them, if these feels uncomfortable, it is not you but the collective not able to handle it…it is the closed down heart chakra of our world.

Keep going, any exhaustion you feel from this immense love is just the aspect you in opposition. And we say to that…I love you. You will likely have a break through of some sort.

So this is just a short introduction to a profound journey into really diving deep and not being afraid to be around other souls.

Hiding from others and being enlightened in private does you no good.

You need to come out and play and experience life with others. The last tool I will leave you with is to start having intention with each day, with each encounter and with each experience.

For example, if you have the intention when you are going to phone someone that it will work out for the highest this is what your mind will look for and create.

Intention is overlooked but is one of the most powerful pieces to guiding your life instead of life, your negative emotions and others emotions taking you on a roller coaster ride. Try saying: I trust the consciousness in all and I invoke the HIGHEST consciousness I AM.

Try that before entering a room, a tea house, a party, a meeting…a family gathering – then observe.

I was in a shop recently and had an experience where both sales people were talking to me and they were both talking super fast and talking over one another.

I did not know whom to look at because the energy was so scattered.

If I was not set in my breath, my intention and power I could have easily entered or stepped down to their lower vibrational pull. Once again here I was calm enough to see this was my spiritual lesson and to see if I would apply what I had just learned.

So start practicing today and apply the teachings you receive. I am and life is getting better by the zero point!

We are infinity.

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