How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Birthing a child is a sacred journey & doing it with noble intentions  is a wonderful gift to give a child.

In this article we will go over some things that could benefit the child and mother in the time prior to conception as well as during pregnancy.

If you plan enough a head of time you can work to clean the body out and rebuild healthy tissues and intestinal flora.

A way to approach this would be at least 1 year or so before conceiving a child utilizing the techniques shared here in the backyard blog.

Some of these cleansing and rebuilding techniques are:

  • Meditate and create a powerful purified state of being.
  • A Guided Green Vegetable Juice & Water Fast
  • Probiotic supplementation coupled with Cultured Foods
  • Flush and Cleanse the Bowels & Liver/Gallbladder respectively.
  • Detoxing heavy metal load thru zeolite and the cleanse shared within the blog
  • Shifting the diet to a high living plant based lifestyle with discernment
  • Adding in Wild foods and/or Superfoods to produce a thriving environment.

These are just a few ideas, reviewing the blog posts and going with your own guided intuition is best.

How you choose to birth your child is up to you. I have friends that birthed their children at home in the bath tub, with dolphins in Hawaii and in a hospital setting.

Whatever you choose is perfect.

Although I have not had any children my intention is to one day do so and so this information is what I have gathered from some of the best sources I could find.

So, lets talk about the ideal internal environment.

As soon as a child is conceived that child can hear and feel our thoughts and actions.

The being listens to your words and so things are brought into he/she’s consciousness in the womb.

Belief’s are actually implanted into the child’s consciousness at this time whether negative or positive.

So just being aware of this and doing your best will be of crucial importance.

In the work I do with emotional repolarization often I find people’s negative belief’s stem back to the womb and even from past lives.

The good news is it can be repolarized.

Next lets take a look at ways to keep the body healthy through out the pregnancy.

Checking the first morning’s urine PH is foundational.

Keeping this in the 6.4-7.0 range will be crucial to ensure a thriving baseline.

Next we want to make sure our water intake is abundant.

So, if you are not already consuming 1/2 your body weight in ounces then work your way up weekly by adding a bit more in each day.

If this is not done gradually you will just being urinating frequently instead of absorbing the water.

Drinking plenty of high quality water will create a healthier and easier pregnancy.

Some women go through morning sickness.

If a woman has ever been on birth control the body loses its ability to create Vitamin B6.

This causes the bile salts to lose suspension in the gallbladder.  Even if they have only been on birth control for a month it causes a vitamin B6 dependency.

Supplementing with the end form chain of B6 will cause wonders for morning sickness.

Something else that can assist the body with nausea  is addressing the imbalance within the adrenal & spleen power chain.

As the spleen makes cells for the baby it requires nutrition support.

Something that often remedies this is adding about 4 soaked and sprouted brazil nuts into the livity (opposite of DIEt).

What I have seen is that this essentially turns the adrenal points on helping to even out symptoms of morning sickness.

Things that will fry the adrenals are caffeinated drinks of any kind, when caffeine is removed magnesium levels are often restored although stress can contribute to magnesium deficiency as well.

Another key note is to make sure the body can uptake iron & tyrosine in its absorbable form.

These nutrients are crucial for the baby and mother. How do we do this?

One thing is if the body has ever been exposed to white flour or sugar often times rock forms of iron have begun to build up on the liver.

When this happens it makes it challenging to uptake real iron from foods.

Here we would start eating about 4-6 soaked unsulphured organic apricots per day.

Essentially the idea is that the apricots are like antagonists to the rock iron removing it from the body to make room for natural iron.

Obviously removing the cause goes with out saying.

Eating apricots for about 6-12 weeks prior to pregnancy is best and if this doesn’t work some type of adrenal support herbs would be best.

The adrenals require a good quality pink salt daily, so enjoy it on your foods.

Beyond this getting adequate amounts of essential fatty acids from quality fats such as avocado, coconut oil, ice pressed olive oil and a plant based supplement of DHA will ensure the child does not have ear challenges & keeps stretch marks at bay for the mother & is foundational for a growing fetus.

In order to get the right minerals a good form of coral calcium or a powerful superfood greens mix will do the trick here.

This coupled with end chain B vitamins especially folic acid  are crucial for DNA & RNA synthesis.

A quality Multi-vitamin from live sourced nutrients is a must and live source iodine supplementation is a staple whether or not a woman is pregnant or not. This keeps the thyroid, breasts & uterus strong and healthy.

For the best nutrient rich mother’s milk enjoy a clean, high quality nutritional yeast.  2-4 tablespoons a day will produce an abundant supply of mother’s milk that is nutrient dense. This will give the baby true satiety.

Dr. Marshall did this with his own kids and the results were that the kids slept straight through their first night and there after!

Other side notes about lifestyle would be that if you are still wearing underwire bras transition out of them.

This cuts off circulation and lymph drainage.  Switch to undershirts, cloth only bra or if that is not an option go with plastic instead of wire.

Getting quality cellular movement is a great thing for keeping the health of the body during pregnancy.

Enjoy a massage, a bath and plenty of grounding to the earth.

May this enrich your pregnancy and please do comment below with any comments, questions or insights.

One final thought would be that if you are considering having another child that you wait 2 years b/t each child to allow the body to restore and prepare for the next soul to come thru! Remember 12 months would be the minimum for breastfeeding with 18 months being optimal.

Thanks for stopping by the Sacred Backyard. We have added some great recipes over at in the Recipe section.

2 thoughts on “How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy”

  1. I love your blog and insightful thoughts. I agree with all you said here but have a question about the nutritional yeast. Where do you get a good quality one? From everything I’ve read, all nutritional yeast produced is a neurotoxin simi lar to msg and other free form glutamates. Grown only on gmo crop and damaging to brain function. Also, I’ve read it’s completely void of vitamins, which are synthetically added back in after harvest, the b12 being the dreaded cyancobalamin. Do you have sources unlike this toxic food? If so, please share. I miss nutritional yeast and would love to find a good version!

    1. Thanks for the concerns and comments above.The only nutritional yeast I know of and trust is Premier Research labs nutritional yeast. I represent this companies full line if products. It tests strong to all four polarities of the body and is nutrient rich, full of bioavailable b vitamins.
      Thanks for stopping by! Blessings

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