This heavy metal protocol is one that I have implemented into my own health strategy.  Always consulting with your own Health Practitioner is best.  This protocol would best be for someone that is generally healthy, has had all amalgam fillings removed properly and is not experiencing extreme heavy metal toxicity. Otherwise, you would want to go slower and more gentle because the body can only take a certain amount of stress from the detox. On that same note getting your heavy metal levels checked would be your first step to gathering the valuable information required to see where you are at. Ways to do this would be through Hair, Blood and Urine Analysis. There are some cutting edge tools being shared through out the alternative medical field on alternative ways to check the body for accurate heavy metal load. As these develop we will share them here at the Sacred Backyard.

One foundational piece of information is to  make sure your Urine PH is b/t 6.4-7.0 while doing a heavy metal detox. This ensures the metals are being released and excreted properly. Otherwise if the body is in an acid state it can cause more issues and actually drive the metals further into the fatty tissues. The metals hold on tight, the body has intelligence and when it is properly supported with nutrition it will release the metals in a graceful flow.

For now let’s start with the first detoxification pathway which is the skin. Being our largest organ we have to eliminate toxins we can utilize this to our advantage in a heavy metal detox protocol. Here are some great ways to do this:

Far Infrared Sauna
Far Infrared Sauna

Next we want to ingest plant materials that help the body get rid of metals. Which plant substances are most beneficial here?

Next we want to introduce chelating agents to the body to gently and effectively mobilize the metals from the tissues and pull it out through the bowels.  Here we can use:

Before, During and After a Heavy Metal Cleanse we can supplement and support the body with nourishing  nutrition/tools such as:

images-2Making sure the bowels are moving and clear is very important. A great way to ensure this is with colonics or a colon cleanse prior to the heavy metal detox.

A gradual pace over several years is the best way to alleviate the body of heavy metal exposure. It takes time for the body to release these without causing stress on the system.  Other ways to protect ourselves from radiation and daily metal exposure is to:

  1. Wear some type of pendant that protects you from harmful emf’s.
  2. Green Tea ND ( a formulation by Dr. Marshall) This taken in water each day especially before flying will protect the cells from radiation.
  3. Supplement with high quality sea weeds daily to protect the thyroid.
  4. Consume your Green Drink Daily
  5. Ingest high quality clays daily
  6. Supplement with glutathione

As far as nutrition goes it is important to not fast during a heavy metal cleanse but rather get bio-available protein into the system. The body requires protein at this time to repair and support the body processes. Good quality fats from DHA is a great adjunct as well as cultured vegetables to keep the immune system strong and well.

**By clearing heavy metals from the body you will be getting to the root of certain issues. Things like circulation, inflammation, candida can all be heavy influenced by a burden of too many metals in the body.  Mercury is one of the most dangerous metals and their is an abundance of information on the internet about mercury poisoning. Getting rid of your amalgam fillings if you have ever had them is foundational before clearing metals. It must be done using a certain protocol such as The Huggins Protocol so that your body is not exposed further to mercury.

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  1. I believe some of this should only be done after amalgam fillings are removed. Otherwise sauna can increase vaporization of mercury. Can you clarify which are safe with fillings still present, and which after removal?

    1. Greetings Laura, Thanks so much for your quality question. If you read the last couple sentences of the post I suggest that is of paramount importance to remove all metal fillings before doing a detox. I personally would not feel good about detoxing metals in any form unless the amalgams were first removed properly via the Huggin’s Protocol or something better. Often people have a large heavy metal burden on the body however there body is too weak to start detoxing. The metals hold on tightly to sensitive areas such as the brain. The first piece of the pie is to make sure the body’s field is strong and support thru a nutrition protocol. The ph must be a stable 6.4-7.0. If it is not the metals will just drive further into the fatty tissue making it counter productive. After several weeks or months of support via nutrition then the body usually will tell us it is ready to detox the metals. Many Blessings and Love to you Laura! Dodhisattva

  2. Hi Dodhi:

    Greetings from Jason @ . I love your blog and writing style, well done.

    You can still cleanse with old metal fillings if absolutely necessary; the operative idea is to apply CAUTION when using forced chelation, such as EDTA (can be very dangerous), DMPS, DMSA, etc.

    However, things like clay baths, edible clay, cilantro, modified citrus pectin, sauna therapy, etc. can be used both safely and effectively. The operative principle? Start slow and go steady.

    Even the Huggins Protocol does not guarantee safe extraction of amalgams. I occasionally get emails from people experiencing neurological complaints even after proper extraction. So, if one plans on extracting them, one should educate oneself about natural heavy metal removal prior to getting them removed!

    1. Thanks Jason…great comment. Educating oneself is the best way to go. I have recently found adding clean chlorella (not from Japan) to the coffee enema is a power metal detoxifier. Blessings.

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