How to Calm The Nervous System in 5 Simple Steps


how to calm the nervous system in 5 Steps

In this post we will go over how to calm the nervous system in 5 steps to help regulate your nervous system.

In order to calm the nervous system let’s understand a bit more about why it is important to regulate it and how it can impact your life.

Calming the nervous system allows you to get into a state of self regulation.

What does that mean? 

It means you are in control of your actions, thoughts and words.

You take back your power from the external world and are able to see with more clarity.

Learning to make it a habit to calm your nervous system will empower your life.

Here are a few beneits when you can learn to calm your nervous system:

    • Take back control of your thoughts, emotions and life
    • Love yourself more
    • Live a higher quality life
    • Open up to the prosperity of your world
    • Clean up your mental mess 
    • Become more productive
    • Amplify your physical and mental health

These are only some of the benefits. Once you start practicing these steps below feel free to comment on other ways that you benefit.

calm the nervous system

Step 1. Practice alternate nostril breathing

I have created an infographic here to help you calm your nervous system with alternate nostril breathing.

Please refer to the infographic for more details. It’s free and simple to do. When you close off one nostril and breathe through the other you begin to regulate your nervous system.

This alters it from sympathetic which is your fight or flight response to parasympathetic which is your cool, calm and I got this response. 

It only works if you actually practice it and for a few moments. 

Instead of taking your smartphone to the bathroom to scroll try alternate nostril breathing instead.

  • Practice it when you rise in the morning for a few moments. 
  • Practice it before a stressful situation or where you feel you may become triggered.

Sometimes something so simple such as this is the key and gateway to a more a soothed and calm nervous system.

While practicing this ask yourself what gives me a sense of ease as I look around in this now moment?

Find an anchor in your immediate surroundings. This will help you pierce through the subconscious pattern that continually plays on repeat. 

It is a pattern interrupt that can successfully move you into the grace of now.

Young woman walking in nature in sunny day

STEP 2. Move your Body

When you move your body and get exercise you are going to break up stagnant energy. It’s amazing how effective a simple nature work can shift your reality.

I find if I am feeling strange or in a funk, getting myself outside, breathing fresh air and seeing the world outside is extremely healthy for my brain and body.

Even when it is cold, snowy and dark out it can literally shift and calm your nervous system.

In fact the cold actually can strengthen a weak nervous system which is very important to calming it down.

Your brain likes seeing outside of a boxed space like a home that is closed off. It opens our consciousness up to and gets us out of stuck patterns. 

When you can see spirals in nature, organic matter, living waters and breathe in fresh air in shifts your consciousness.

I recommend a nature walk if possible but if you are in a city it is also wonderful to see other human faces and hopefully send a gentle smile and eye contact if you can.

This can lift the human spirit and recharge the soul.

Besides that it moves the stagnant energy and your fluids like the lymph and blood. If the body is dealing with toxins from the environment or foods we have eaten it can cause nervous system dis-regulation.

Healthy food for balanced alkaline diet concept

Step 3. Remove Toxins from Diet & Lifestyle

Can you think of anything that can be removed from your diet or life that could ease your nervous system? What about caffeine or alcohol?

Or what about over use of smart devices. Perhaps control the impulse to sit and scroll on your smart phone. Instead pic up a book, find a new hobby or listen to something inspirational.

You might also consider the exposure you are receiving from smart meters, electro magnetic frequencies and the like. These types of frequencies can cause harm to the body and most of it is not being regulated.

Utilize shungite or shielding materials to better enhance the frequency of your environment.

Consider a detox if you have been exposed to mold or heavy metals as these elements are hard on your nervous system and can easily cause dis-regulation. 

Mold and heavy metals alter our brain and body in a negative way, especially the adrenals. One of my favorite stress reducing supplements is for the adrenals. It is called ashwaganda.

You can find out if anything in your diet is causing gut issues or allergies. Your diet plays a huge impact on your overall mood because it influences your gut and hormones. 

Next clean up your environment of toxic air fresheners and products that contain harmful ingredients.

My motto is if the words in the ingredient list are not easy to read its likely they are toxic. Look them up and learn for yourself.

Eat organic whole foods as much as possible. 

Air fresheners are not healthy and can be a neuro-toxin. Try essential oils and diffusers with calming real plant oils instead.

What about negative news and people in your life? Perhaps you need to take a look at what you feed your mind and soul and make some changes.

Self care on chalkboard

Step 4. Self Care

What are you doing to give yourself a regular routine of self care? Do you like to meditate. 

Meditating can be in the form of a walking meditation or a guided meditation. It can also be sitting quietly just observing as the witness of your thoughts.

Taking a magnesium bath and creating a self care routine can change up your vibe substantially.

Magnesium is a great way to calm the nervous system and get us out of fight or flight. It nourishes the adrenals and helps create more energy or ATP.



Step 5. Look at Life as a Game

Can you start to look at life as a video game?  We can realize right now that we are not these bodies are we? We are the consciousness behind this human suit.

This can immediately calm the nervous system because we are reminded that we can choose what we create in our life.

How do you want your character to live and create in this life?

Can you start to see you the character as someone who has learned to calm the nervous system?

Give yourself the opportunity to put these powerful tools to practice each and every day so that you create a better version of you.

I know you can calm your nervous system. As we individually do this we collectively rise in consciousness.

Life is a game and now you know how to play it.

Do you need more guidance?

You might find my natural anxiety remedy post helpful.

recap calm the Nervous system

  • Utilize the power of your breath to help regulate a fight or flight nervous system.
  • Anchor into the now moment with something in your surrounding that brings you a sense of safety.
  • Get moving outdoors
  • Clean up your body and perform a detox
  • Eat health, organic whole foods
  • Eliminate things that harm the nervous system like product additives, alcohol, stimulates and protection from EMF’s.
  • Build time into your day for self care
  • Utilize supplements like Stress Response and Magnesium to help build your adrenals.
  • See life as a game and realize you are a powerful point of light beyond this 3D reality.

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