Natural Remedies for Anxiety and How To Overcome Anxiety and Fear
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Are you looking for natural remedies for anxiety? Perhaps you are struggling with anxious thoughts, triggering emotions that cause anxiety and fear? Learn a powerful process overcome anxiety and fear.

Important Tips

Anxiety is common these days. Especially with the rise in challenges globally and with the pressure of keeping up with all that life presents to each one of us.

It can be mild to severe and different triggers will create anxiety in each individual depending on their background and history.

If you are struggling with how to overcome anxiety and even fear this post will present a step by step natural remedy to help you with a process that you can find some relief.

Each person is unique and you may notice a difference quickly and some may not. We will go through natural remedies for anxiety using a process of visualization to overcome anxiety and fear.

Acknowledge Anxiety & Fear
Acceptance, Letting go, Accepting the Positive with Open Arms

One important step in moving through anxiety and fear is admitting their presence.  Without acknowledging the pink elephant in the room you won't get too far.

Anxiety and fear can be uncomfortable and indeed scary to defy. Still, admitting and accepting your anxiety and fear is a pivotal step in the process of managing and reducing them.

Here are few tips:

Feel the physical sensations.  Anxiety and fear frequently manifest in the body as physical sensations similar as faster heart rate, shallow breathing, pressure, and butterflies in the stomach.

Pay attention to these sensations and accept that they're a normal part of the anxiety and fear experience.

Marker the emotion by putting a name to the emotion can help you gain some perspective and understanding.

Try saying to yourself," I sense a feeling of anxiousness" or"I sense unsafety."

We are feeling energetic beings first and foremost. The more we take the pause before an action this is where the magic is. The moments of silence in between.

Allow yourself to witness the emotion It can be tempting to try to push down, suppress  or even shout about  feelings, but this can actually make them worse in the long run.

Rather, try to allow yourself to completely witness the emotion, indeed if it's uncomfortable.

Find a safe anchor point in your now moment. Perhaps it is a soft light in the room, a pet, the sound of something soothing. Whatever it is an safe anchor of some sort in the now moment will take you away from the triggering experience.

KEY POINT: Finding a physical anchor in the area or grounding into your body with rhythmic breathing happens first. Our logical mind is not working when we are in fight or flight.

Practice tone-  Be kind and understanding towards yourself as you witness anxiety and fear. Remind yourself that these feelings are normal and that everyone experiences them at some point.

By admitting and accepting your anxiety and fear, you can start to take control of them and work towards managing and reducing them.

Taking things a step deeper we can acknowledge the 3 states of our Nervous System.

Note: If at anytime the process becomes to difficult look to seek a medical professional to assist you with your anxiety.

Nervous System States
Nervous system

The three major expressions of the nervous system are important to understand because they have a major impact on our health and wellbeing.

According to the Polyvagal Theory byDr. Stephen Porges, there are three major expressions of the nervous system which are dorsal vagal, sympathetic and ventral vagal.

Ventral vagal expression is the body's resting space,

Sympathetic is the body's fight- or- flight expression, and

Dorsal vagal is the body's total shut down mode.

Reflect on These 3 States
There's A Lot To Reflect On

Take a few moments to reflect on a time where each of these states were active.

You may have a great memory of petting your cat or dog when the ventral vagal resting and at peace state was active in your nervous system. You felt really at peace and that all is safe and well in your surroundings.

Next remember a time the sympathetic nervous system was activated. Perhaps you were triggered by some outside event. It could have been something that might seem like nothing to someone else but for you it was a big deal that made you feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

The things that typically happen within this state are the need to self isolate, lack of empathy and you may start to close off to the outside world and feel anxious and fearful.

Lastly there is the Dorsal Vagal mode that completely has you shut down. In this experience we typically feel that the environment is unsafe.



Visualize the States in a Healthy Response
face massage

Now that you can understand each state to some degree. I want you to use the power of visualization to transform the sympathetic and dorsal expressions. This will serve as a visual anchor during times of stress.

You likely can easily visualize a happy anchor picture in your minds eye for Ventral Vagal state. Do this now.

Choose an anchor image that will help you when you need it most. Perhaps it is some calm, clear water on a beach or maybe it is an image of your child or your favorite pet.

Whatever it is either draw or visualize the image and remember it as the Ventral Vagal Anchor Image.

Now do the same for the Sympathetic State. Even though up until now that state is likely a dark and sad image I want you to see how it looks when it is in a healthy state working in harmony with the Ventral Vagal state.

The sympathetic nervous system is an ally. It is there to help you regulate your heartbeat rhythms. Perhaps this can be helpful in the anchor visualization you choose. Maybe you can see it as a heart in perfect rhythm handling stressors with ease.

For me I visualize the color blue and a beautiful butterfly. This is a reminder to express my truth with a powerful voice.

Next visual the Dorsal Vagal as its healthy counterpart. Instead of dark, fearful and shut down how does your unique Dorsal Vagal operate in a healthy mode in harmony with the Ventral and Sympathetic expressions of your nervous system?

For me it is an anchor of roots coming from my feet into the earth. I feel secure and stable in my environment. All is well.

Putting It All Together
Horse Stance

Now work on a few easy experiences you have that cause anxiety and work your way up to harder scenarios by using these visualizations.

If you get a notice that triggers you work to acknowledge you are becoming triggered. Take a moment to breathe and activate the anchor visualizations. 

Your breath is the first step to neutralizing an event because it can anchor you in the moment. It can literally shift you into presence very quickly.

First recognize you are out of alignment and then breathe into awareness.

You might next choose to visualize your ventral vagal picture as your higher self very tuned into your highest expression. You have heart centered empathy beaming from your soul.

Your sympathetic expression follows this healthy expression by regulating your heart beat to calm and activates a blue color symbolizing pure and true communication. The butterfly shows up as the transform of your highest voice encoded with light.

And lastly the dorsal helps you root into security knowing you are here, accepted and seen by the Great Creator and Mother Earth. You are engulfed in this wisdom.

Important Diet Tips for Overcoming Anxiety Naturally
Healthy organic green food, assortment of fresh vegetables

Although the process above can make huge impact on its own anytime we are looking at natural remedies we have to remember all is connected. So we must look at our diet and lifestyle. Here are a few tips to consider.

  • Cut out Alcohol
  • Limit Caffeine
  • Avoid Processed Foods
  • Let go of sugar

Intermittent fasting can help to stabilize your blood sugar so you do not have as many mood shifts. Eat the rainbow and remember to eat organic, wild and local foods so that you raise your vibes and keep your gut health and microbiome brimming with the good bacteria.

I created a recipe video course to help you clean up your diet here.

Meditation and Self Care Rituals
Soaking in a magnesium bath natural remedies to health

Take time to gift yourself a relaxing bath, experience a guided meditation to shift your state and over come triggers, or take time to move your body out in nature and soak up the healing frequencies of the wild.

The most important thing is to create new neural net works that operate when you are about to go through a challenging moment.

If you can prepare yourself with relaxation before going into a triggering experience this will help get you in the appropriate state.

Sometimes preparing is not an option. In this case be the witness and breathe.

You might find my alternate nostril breathing infographic helpful for natural remedies for anxiety to change from sympathetic to parasympathetic when you need it.

From a space of awareness using an anchor like the breath you can ground into the now moment and see things with a new perspective.

RECAP Natural Remedy Tips
Guided Meditation For Beginners

To Recap: Natural Remedies for Anxiety and How To Overcome Anxiety and Fear is a holistic approach but understanding your nervous system states is crucial to transform the situation.

You can take time to create positive visualizations of the seeming negative states so that all aspects of the nervous system work as a harmonious unit so that your best self shines forth in the situations through out your life.

Over time this practice builds new neural nets on auto pilot. The old one's weaken, the new one's become alive in your mind and brain.

Remember if you know you may enter a triggering experience be it checking a message, heading into a situation etc. be sure to cloak your sympathetic and dorsal vagal with the energy of the ventral vagal nervous system.

Use your breath as an anchor first and foremost. Create a protective shield of calmness and use the breath to anchor you into awareness.

In order to get results you have to practice the process so that you build a new neural net and that it is a default response.

A great way to practice is while using the restroom. Instead of scrolling a smart phone instead choose to alternate nostril breathe.

I highly recommend using alternate nostril breathing as a way to regulate your system. It's free and extremely valuable in regulating yourself.

Anchor yourself the present moment. Utilize something within the environment to symbolize safety. It could be a flower, a sound that is pleasant, a warm touch or a smile from someone.


To learn more about the polyvagal theory I love the work of Deb Dana. You can find her books here.

BONUS - Neutralize Events

Here is a bonus, short code or hack to move through anxiety naturally.

When a triggering experience is upon you create a new automatic response in your super human computer known as your brain.

This new response is: This is a neutral event.

You could even say, "Thank you for showing up for me."  This acknowledges you are open to this test and ready to go to the next level in your human experience.

This might be challenging or irritating or frustrating but I can also see it as neutral right now.

When you start to do this a new world can open up for you. You no longer allow yourself to be triggered by societal programs from advertisements and media. You no longer automatically go into an old wound.

This allows you a moment to center and essentially pop out of that thought form.

You can then observe it all and create a new coding of profound stillness. Which then brings about immense power as the truth of who you really are makes its consciousness known.

This brings you to the truth of who you really are. I can not give guidance from this point, because this is now your free will and divine connection that creates from a pure place.

I can say one thing, it will be an epic new creation and will no longer scare and trap you in the matrix.

Something to Ponder: If I was the Source how would I respond to the situation before me?



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