How to Build Muscle While Maintaining Cellular Integrity

Strength Training is an important piece to any longevity strategy.

Without muscle the body relies on the soft tissue, cartilage and bones for structural alignment.

This can be dangerous because the body will begin to deteriorate more rapidly via calcification & spinal dis alignment.

With proper muscle proportion and tensile strength the body takes on a lean, strong and aligned posture.

With this comes a healthier, happier, younger body.

When muscle is present in the buttocks and hips the lower back is then supported and the posture improves. Back issues often can be resolved with mindfully strengthening the glut’s, hips and abs.

Other reasons for spinal dis alignment can be emotional, nutritional or environmental as we strive to look at it from a balanced prospective.

There are tiny muscle groups that support the body and these must be kept toned and in tact for the larger muscle groups to thrive and to prevent injury.

If one is eating foods that are not serving the organs they can become swollen or unhealthy causing pressure on the spine.

A healthy cleansing routine can assist this to harmonize.

There also can be stored emotions through out the body.

A protocol that encompasses the cellular principles we share in this blog can encourage rejuvenation.

Radical Forgiveness of one’s past is of paramount importance when it comes to emotional traumas that prevent the body you desire.

Working out a few times a week can be a wonderful longevity strategy to create lean muscle.

Whether you are in a gym or utilize the great outdoors you can gain muscle and core strength.

Utilizing and working all muscle groups at your best will allow for a healthier, leaner body.

The more muscle one has the easier it is to lose weight and stay lean.

After a good solid work out it is important to refuel the body with bio available nutrition from carbohydrates and then protein.

The body wants glucose soon after a work out and then protein to repair the ripped muscle tissues.

Bio available nutrition is key here so that less work is required by the digestive tract and  nourishment can penetrate the cell wall with ease.

Also  taking a liquid magnesium bicarbonate before and after a work out will help to balance the electrolytes in the body and optimize the ph level.

The Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes I have mentioned in the past will also assist the muscles to relax and let go of acids.

Do about 30 minutes of a foot soak in filtered warm/hot water with the magnesium flakes. If you prefer a bath, this will work too.

Keeping the lymphatic system moving and flowing is key to releasing the toxins from the body.

We have discussed many ways to do that through out this blog. Here are some examples:

  • Rebounding
  • Hot/Cold Showers,
  • Skin Brushing
  • Walking

Other important tools to utilize when incorporating strength training could be things like deep breathing, tai chi & restorative yoga.

These internal exercises calm the mind and body, alkalize the the blood & revive the organ system.

As the body builds muscle and stays alkaline through out the process with green juices, super foods/herbs and bio available nutrition such as cultured yogurt made from sprouted almonds and coconut meat (see past posts for recipe) or a sprouted organic brown rice protein we can deliver the cells amino acids for repair and build the body structure.

Ways I like to chart how well my body is responding to my daily choices is by taking a look at the following:

  1. Are my eyes clear in the morning? If they are not or have redness in them this is a sign of toxins or irritation in the stomach. This would be a sign to fast, eliminate the irritant from the diet or make specific changes to heal the body.
  2. Do I have energy in the morning and feel well rested?
  3. Do I easily have 2 or 3 healthy bowel movements per day?
  4. Is my tongue and breath fresh in the morning and do I wake up with a slightly pink tongue? This is a sign the digestive tract is clean and healthy. If it is not and there is foul breath and a coated white tongue there is undigested matter through out the body that requires enzyme, oxygen, probiotic and fasting therapy.
  5. Are my nasal & throat passages clear and clean of stuffiness, irritation etc. (netti pot daily for this and cleansing the body)
  6. How is my thyroid doing? (take your temperature when u awake around 7 am and then at 4pm for two days in a row, the temp. should rise by 4pm). This indicates a healthy thyroid.
  7. How do I feel before during and after my work outs.

These are just some indicators of how well the body is responding to our daily activities.

It is important to keep the body fit and with some muscle in order to protect it from degenerative diseases.

Enjoy a good stretch before and after and invoke a parasympathetic response from the nervous system.


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