How Does Our Cellular Environment Impact our Well Being?

Cellular Environment is 1 of the 4 Principles shared within the sacred backyard blog.  Lately I have been observing just how important a healthy environment is to our well being.

Imagine one of the cells in your body.

When it is fed and nourished with healthy, happy thoughts, actions, foods, juices, fresh, clean air, living spring water, natural surroundings & most of all tremendous self love and enthusiasm for life we are keeping our cells happy.

Our cells are adaptable but when they become mutated they find it challenging to maintain integrity.

Let’s take your home for example. What are you cleaning it with?

Are your products free of toxic chemicals? One way to cut costs and create a happy environment is to make your own natural cleaners.

One great combination would be vinegar and aluminum free baking soda.

This will create a wonderful cleaner for your bathroom and tile floors.

Add a therapeutic grade essential oil of your choice to the cleaning solution and you have now added increased antibacterial properties while enlivening your senses!

How about your own body. What kind of products are you using to enhance your cellular resonance  and environment?

Each time a toxin is put on the skin the body sends a message to the brain that there is an invader of sorts.

The body will do all it can to keep the cells and the environment healthy.

Over time the body can not handle the stressors and toxins and it begins to create hormone disruptions, mutated cells and weak & damaged organs.

The kidneys are our main filter system as they do their best to clean the blood.

When they become overloaded with chemicals they can not preform there natural function.

The liver is where our hormones are produced and the more stagnant energy that builds up in the liver the body can no longer manufacture its own metabolic enzymes and hormones. If you feel lethargic, have lines or wrinkles around the corners of the eyes or experience hormonal imbalance this is a sign the liver requires cleaning.

Cleansing these organs yearly is crucial.

I choose to clean my liver about 3 times a year in order to keep it running efficiently.

Beyond that we can eat bitter herbs and plants to clean the liver daily.

The kidneys enjoy fasts from solid foods and hydration from spring water, medicinal super herb teas & fresh pressed organic vegetable juices. The kidneys enjoy parsley tea and the juice of it.

So when we choose products that are from wild herbs & plants we can be sure our cells are happy and functioning properly.

Otherwise we can create disease in the body.

Educate and empower yourself so you can make educated decisions about what you put on your body.

Making powerful decisions about your cellular environment will allow you to become a more fulfilled, peaceful and adaptable individual.

Choosing to think powerfully and creating harmony in your living environment is essential to cellular integrity and health.

The modern lifestyle has given us the opportunity to be creative on how we handle this aspect of life.

Find ways to bring nature inside your home.

Why not take some beautiful glass jars and fill them with soil and grow your own herbs.

You can even mount them to a wall in the house that is near fresh air and sunlight. This creates an aesthetically pleasing environment too!

The more we connect with the earth and live harmoniously with nature the more our cells will thrive.

I have seen the research and scientific evidence that when the human body is connected to the earth our blood flow is healthy, clean and smooth.

We are connecting with the natural bio rhythm of our mother.

All of us have a mother and that is the earth. So, go out for a hike, create a labyrinth in your yard or a herbal garden and spend time in it.

The more we enjoy nature and connect with it the more our cells are healthy, permeable and full of integrity.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go sailing with my dear friend Michael in Newport Beach. He has been a Sailor for many, many years.

As we enjoyed the sail we took in the majesty and the beauty of the ocean, the negative ions from the salty waters, great company and most importantly the connection and magical power of nature.

2 thoughts on “How Does Our Cellular Environment Impact our Well Being?”

  1. Elise Petterson

    Dodee thank you for this. I’m new to natural healthcare and well being therapy and I feel like a sponge! Your site is fantastic, I’ve recommended it to the same friends that encouraged me to turn over a new leaf. I really do feel like a new woman, I’m more in control of my wellness and it’s such a rewarding feeling. The same friends also recommended I read David Mercier’s A Beautiful Medicine, I’ve just started but again, I’m a sponge and I’m learning so much. If you have time to check it out I’d love to hear your thoughts, and other reader’s thoughts on his approach. Thanks so much for the continued education!

    1. Hello Elise,
      I am really glad that my writing has inspired you. Thank you for the kind words. I did check out the site you mentioned and will look and see if my local library has his book. I really love the work of Colin Tipping when it comes to the mental/emotional work. Check out his book Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self Forgiveness if you feel called to.
      You put a smile on my face, thank you Elise! Aloha! Dodee

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