Experience The Highest Version of Yourself With Ease

Highest Version

Experience The Highest Version of Yourself With Ease

Would you like to meet the highest version of yourself this New Year?

Or how about actually stepping into that version of yourself and living a new life?  

We are living in auspicious times. and we are fortunate to have so many tools at our disposal. 

If only we can concentrate long enough and then take inspired action will we reap the benefits.

With a world of distractions is your desire deep enough to do what it takes? 

Imagine meeting the highest version of yourself right now.

What do you look like and how do you perceive the world around you?  

The Highest Expression Of Ourselves

How do you feel about money, the people in your life, and your past self?

Who do you invest your time with, where do you live?

If we look through the eyes of that highest version of ourselves they typically have a much more carefree light hearted attitude.

They might be calmer and more understanding. 

They see the world as an oyster and feel empowered from their very own frequency as a potent generator of creation. 

That version can look at the past as a valuable stepping stone with life lessons that have made them who they are now.

Dissolve Wounds to Step into the Highest Version of Ourselves.

In order to truly embody or step into a new version of ourself we first need to dissolve our past wounds, traumas and victim mentality.

We may be able to see and feel and get to know the highest version but to fully step into it and live that life we need to patch our wounds and come into a warrior’s mindset and heart.

To do this you might consider different forms of healing modalities that work for your specific situation.

You could get guidance from someone you know, like and trust.

I have tools like guided meditations and articles to assist you.

One thing is for certain if past memories come up for you in random moments of your day to day life it is likely they are being presented for a reason.

It is good to bless these situations and see if there is a broader insight you might now have from it.

Forgive, let go and see situations and people as teachers in your life.

If you want to learn more about karmic ties you can check out this post here.

healingtrauma scaled

If we can’t forgive we hold onto stagnant energy and this makes it hard to open up to our greatest time line.

Forgiving someone does not mean you have to be used or hurt again by them.

It just means you are ready to settle that karmic account and perhaps choose a light touch relationship with them.

Or they leave your reality or consider a new healthy relationship with them that dissolves the old karma.

To make a quantum jump to a new time line, since we have many versions of ourselves living different realities we must step into that version and start embodying the qualities this version imbibes.

The Highest Version of ourselves embrace Calm & Stability knowing all is well.

We can catch ourselves going into an old version when our mind is more stable and calm. This is why I love meditation. We can utilize it as a tool to slow down the chatter box of the mind.

We can use it as a potent tool to catapult us into a higher timeline of existence.

Ask your self questions like this: 

Would your highest version talk that way, behave that way or live in that way? How is your health, how is your mindset, and do you operate with more ease in this new version?

Why is that?

The quality of our questions and integrating the lessons for evolution gives the universe an indicator that we have learned what we needed to learn and we are ready for a quantum jump.

Otherwise we can find ourselves on a constant loop in life. 

These subtle shifts in our attitude and behaviors is a great first step.

Meditating on the new version of you and then jumping into that version while listening to powerful music feeling the new version as you is a wonderful way to engage all senses and make significant progress.

Highest Version

When you feel an energy shift you are now in that new frequency. 

Remembering all is frequency and once we really utilize all our senses to engage in the new version and hold for several minutes per day we gain momentum to shift into that new time line that has always existed.

Allow time to integrate the changes and be open to see the changes physically, mentally and spiritually. Let go and trust that things are in motion.

Your new life and the new you is there waiting for you to realize it into being. 

I have faith in you! 

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