Guess What? It’s All an Inside Job.

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Ever been told that the latest all organic lotion will get rid of your freckles, pimples or warts?

Or how about looking outside yourself for the next opportunity in your life or self improvement techniques?

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the social media matrix allowing it to rob you of your own personal power and freedom?

Hmmmm, its an endless loop that if not seen with awareness can create dependency that ultimately will not get you to True lasting freedom and results.

So the Truth is no matter what the scenario, you have to do inner work to see results.

Whether its the way your body looks or the way you feel about life. It doesn’t take much but it does require discipline, focus, awareness, right action and some real tenacity to know and experience the Truth.

I used to LOVE buying potions and creams that promised me the fountain of youth and guess what I still love some of these types of products but they no longer have me trapped into thinking, “If I don’t buy this 100 dollar bottle of product I’m screwed!

Nope instead I can buy it if I want for the joy of it.

Our external body is a true reflection of what the inside looks and feels like.

To take care of the inside of our body is what gives us the outward appearance of health.

If you are going to invest your money in something, put it into the things that will bring your inner health and radiance. This will look different for each individual as we all have a different Truth.

Next, what about how we see and experience the world?

It’s once again an inner job, we must dive deep into the recesses of our Truest nature to uncover the deep peaceful awareness that is there for us to have the eyes to see.

Then and only then can we see with energy eyes or awareness eyes and live in a Super Natural Life, one of that shows us what most can’t see, the Truth, the Beauty, the Unseen, the Profound Humble Experiences of Life given to us as a Gift.

Perhaps now with these eyes we are no longer at the mercy to outside programming to create for us.

With this awareness you can make decisions with discernment, your eyes and ears are focused on your purpose and mission.  You have tenacity and resolve with your duties and mission in life.

You realize how much more wise your time can be invested and these things are what you now fill your precious hours with.

You realize you have a contract with the Divine and that is who your Karma is with, not the external world of form. This allows you to have a deep and intimate relation with the One Creator.

Or how about feeling like if we don’t belong to this group or social media platform such as facebook we will somehow be disconnected from everyone and once again screwed?

Or we won’t find what we are looking for if we shut or cut ourselves off from this. Far from the Truth.

Most social media platforms give us a false sense of self and often feed the ego’s wounds (thru programming/advertising) deepening our experience down the tunnel of the matrix’s booby traps.

Social Media can and has been a great way to connect souls and bring about magic in commerce in some aspects.

However let us remember, it’s up to our own power to magnetically attract into our life the people, experiences and life we so desire. “None but ourselves will free our minds,” as the late, great Robert Nesta Marley shared.

None but ourselves can show us the True life we desire.

It takes courage and compassion to stand up to our birth right as sovereign beings.

And once we do we attract our greatest life through our own power which is charged by the Great Creator. We humbly accept our Magnificent Lives with reverence for the seen and unseen realms at work here. We are a great piece in the whole.


Seek the mentorship of someone you believe in or trust.

Meditate and experience your own, real true nature and power deep down.

Give yourself a social media hiatus to connect deeper with those in your current reality even if that means connecting with the birds, trees and nature..even better!

Learn how to listen to your inner knowing.

Pray a lot and do some deep forgiveness work from the lineage of your ancestors, family, friends, acquaintances and self.

Pour your heart and soul into the things you love doing.

Clean out your body, mind and soul with a good deep cellular washing, this goes for the mind too (nature, silence, be with yourself alot).

Enjoy the stillness and peace as often as possible so that you may feel like a child again in wonder of life’s gift/s.

Realize (REAL EYES) that you are the empowered soul you came here to experience. Lift the illusion and see the Super Natural Experience you came here to experience.

Connect with your Wild Spirit Animal Totem to bring forth messages to assist your journey and the next steps.

****Note: The Currency of the future which has always been is the electric current inside us to create and magnetically (yes we are magnetic beings) attract that which is our innate power.

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