Enzyme Therapy for Internal Purification

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What is Enzyme Therapy? 

Enzyme Therapy was discovered by the late, great Dr. Edward Howell. 

He conducted scientific research with fresh living foods discovering the key role of enzyme therapy.

He invested his life studying food enzymes and was coined, “Father of Food Enzymes”. 

Consider getting his book Enzyme Nutrition if this article ends up inspiring you.

Enzymes are protein molecules with electricity running through them. 

If you see some one that exudes a bright aura, skin looks alive and radiant you might surmise they are rich in enzymes.

Enzymes assist us with the day to day tasks that the body performs.

Blinking, thinking, moving about. Enzymes are also stored in the pancreas and are secreted when we begin to eat food.

When we ingest cooked foods the pancreas must produce more enzymes in order to break the food down.

Living foods, already have enzymes intact so it makes the burden of breaking down food less of a challenge. 

This allows for more energy within the cells. 

Our body only has so many enzymes per day to handle cooked food. 

One cooked meal a day is about as much as the body can digest properly.

Tip: Consider supplementing with digestive enzymes, do not highly heat food and eat raw living foods often.

Enzyme therapy is a way to do deeper internal cleansing.

You could say its for the jedi’s, those interested in immortality and or those desiring higher states of health and well being, those interested in reaching their full potential and upgrading the brain and its pathways.

When one starts enzyme therapy you can be sure it will assist in removing the beta amyloid plaque build up in the brain. 

Just about anyone that has lived over 30 years has this build up and if it is not cleared it turns into many diseases over time.

Or what about cysts, tumors, diseased tissue, long standing infections, viruses and bacteria and other toxic build up in the arteries leading to atherosclerosis?

This plaque build up in the artery wall is what causes some of the leading causes of death in our country.

If you want to be the super being you came here to be get on some enzyme therapy and do some internal purification. 

Experience the feeling of this therapy as your brain and body become sharper, more flexible & more in tune with its environment.

The Principles for Enzyme Therapy:

  1. Enzyme therapy is to be conducted on an empty stomach.

    It is best to do this upon rising when you are completely on empty.

    Make sure you don’t eat late b/c then enzyme therapy is a waste. You are not trying to break down food, instead this type of enzyme therapy is created to clean up the blood. 

2. Enzyme Therapy for internal purification should be done while lying down.

You want the enzymes to work deep inside so keep your body relaxed and grounded if possible.

 Another upgrade would be to lie on a magnet bed.

3. You must be well hydrated for the enzyme therapy to work.

Make sure to use Mega Hydrate or some other hydrating formula.

 If you are not hydrated the enzymes can not be as effective.

Water is a key element here.

Use distilled spring water or plain spring water if you have tested it to free of contaminants.

4. Seek out someone whom has done enzyme therapy and can give you a protocol to follow.

You need systemic enzymes that actually go deep and work powerfully.

I am available to do skype sessions and coach those interested in this type of internal purification.

It is not a free service, please inquire if you are interested in a personalized program.

This wisdom comes from working with masterful individuals and to share it with you will be honor, yet it is not for just anyone. Inquire to see if you are ready.

Enzymes are allies in our health journey.

 If one chooses this type of therapy then they should be keeping up with the lifestyle.
These means eating a ketogenic, healthy microbe encouraging diet so that you do not “re-tox”.

Best artery enzyme therapy here.

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