Do a Cleanse While it’s Still Easy



The Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu says, “Do things while they are easy.”

So my suggestion is to do a cleanse while it is still easy for you. What exactly do I mean?

I mean let’s face it typically cleansing is not easy for any of us unless we make it a part of our rhythm in life. Cleansing can be uncomfortable in many ways. We typically experience detox reactions like head aches, tiredness, skin eruptions and the list goes on.

I am in the middle of a kidney cleanse and I did not feel so hot yesterday, but today my energy is back, I feel clear, healthy and strong. It is worth the detox to gain inner strength and health. You come out the other side and feel like a warrior.

It is a small price to pay in order to get the reward of better health down the road.

 Do a Cleanse Before It is Too Late

Think about the future, think about the thought of being older and having never done a cleanse.  

Your body becomes calcified and acidic, now it is even harder to exercise, to remove the acid crystals from the cell matrix.

Maybe at an older age if you have not taken care of yourself you don’t even have the ability to drive a car to get the healthy foods, or the strength to make a juice in your own home.

If we want to take responsibility for our health we need to do things like cleansing while they are still relatively easy for us.

When I say “easy” I mean you still have an active body likely, you still have the ability to care for yourself, you still have the energy and where with all to make changes now. 

When you actually perform a cleanse your body starts to wake up to its’ own inner intelligence. It starts to remember its vitality, energy and strength.

Your body is so smart, it really has an inner healing mechanism that knows how to operate and how to cleanse itself.

Once you do even a short cleanse of some sort you feel reset. You feel more in control of your choices.

You have more discernment on food choices, your taste buds are more sensitive and you feel empowered to live a healthier existence.

So do it while it is still easy. Try a colon cleanse first in the summer time. The summer time is my most favorite time to cleanse. The body is happy to release this time of year. It is more interested in letting go and being lighter.

My favorite Body Cleanse Starter Kit  is this one by  Dr. Edward Group of Global Healing Center.  Check it out and look at the reviews.

Remember that even one new improvement towards your health goals is something worth celebrating. Maybe you start with some form of exercise and make that a daily habit or maybe you add a health food into your life that revolutionizes your life in some way.

These small steps of improvement are also known as “Kaizen”, the Japanese word for improvement. Small steps of improving our lives over time lead to great results.

What would make it easier for you to do a cleanse? What one small improvement could assist your health or spiritual goals? 

Write down where you would be in 10 years if you made no improvements, then write down where you might be if you did make those improvements.

Next make it easy on yourself. Put the exercise clothes out the night before with your tennis shoes in plain sight.  Or get a new blender and keep it out on the counter. 

Rearrange your refrigerator and go grocery shopping for lots of produce. 

Do the things that will make cleansing easier now so that you will have health and longevity later.

So in the comments below I want to know what you are doing to improve your health or what cleanse you will commit to this summer season.

Will it be a colon cleanse, a kidney cleanse or a liver cleanse? Do a cleanse while you still have the ability so that you can retrain your circuitry to look forward to it.

Let me know how it goes. I am here cheering you on.


2 thoughts on “Do a Cleanse While it’s Still Easy”

  1. Rachel Silfvast

    I am trying to make a cleansing green smoothie for my family each morning for the next three weeks. The recipe was given to me as a blood-cleansing juice that would normally be used as part of a juice-fast that has been helpful against many different ailments. My original goal was to add a smoothie each morning to our regular routine of healthy meals (not fasting) for one month to increase vitality as we gear-up for a new school year, but last week I missed four out of seven days! I think your idea to leave the blender out on the counter in plain site is so smart. I am going to put mine on the counter and leave it out for the rest of the month. Thank you for this idea, I think it is going to help.

    1. Hi Rachel, right it is these little nuances that help us to achieve our long term goals! Habits and lifestyle choices are greatly impacted by the small things that add up that we do each day. Another great idea is to write down the things you would like to incorporate in your day before going to bed. In the morning I want to have had my green smoothie, meditated for a few minutes to gain center etc…then the mind is geared up for that in the AM. I hope all is going well for you and your family. May this new year be a blessed one!

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