Cultured Garlic Scape & Fresh Turmeric/Ginger Dressing

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This dressing! Oh my, i just whipped this up with the ingredients I had on hand and had to share with you. The base does take a bit of work but if you are willing to go the extra mile for your health and soul nourishment you won’t be disappointed.

First make a almond coconut yogurt base.

2 cups fresh young coconut meat
1/2 cup or more of raw organic almonds (soaked and rinsed a few times in a 24 hour window)
4 heaping tbs. tocotreinols
1 Body Ecology Culture starter packet
Fresh Coconut water for blending

Blend all the ingredients above until a yogurt like consistency. Add the coconut water in gradually until it catches and you have a creamy, thick yogurt. Spoon into a clean glass jar with the clamp lid. Leave open slightly and leave a bit of room for the culture to expand. Check it in about 6 hours. It is super hot here today so it was done in that time. It will have a slight tang. Store in refrigerator until you are ready to use. Stirring it before putting in refrigerator will stop the culture process as well. Good for 3-4 days in refrigerator.

Now with this base make your dressings. Take about 3-4 large spoonful’s and put into blender. Next take fresh garlic scapes, fresh turmeric root, lemon juice, fresh ginger root and premier sea salt and blend well. I am not putting ratios because each person is different in how much they prefer of these ingredients. Add in a bit of cayenne pepper too.

FullSizeRenderNext for the salad itself get some fresh lettuces, radicchio and chop well. Add some freshly grated turmeric and anything else that suits you. Mine had a few heirloom tomatoes.

Pour dressing on and mix well. Time to eat the most amazing medicinal yummy healing salad ever!

Lots of love, Dodee

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