The Anti-Aging Secret of Cordyceps


Cordyceps are potent medicinal mushrooms due to their anti-aging effects on the human body. Wild, Tibetan Cordyceps are some of the most revered and costly of substances in the world. Cordyceps offer the human body an upgraded immune system, athletic endurance, sexual vigor and organ protection.

Here are some other Health Benefits of Cordyceps:

  • Nourish the Kidneys and Pre&Post Natal Jing
  • Preserve or even lengthen telomeres
  • Calm the Lungs
  • Stop Bleeding
  • Reduce mucus and phlegm
  • Soothe Asthma/Bronchitis
  • Increase Oxygen Uptake

Validated by 2,000 years of Traditional Herbalism and scientific backing, hot water extracted cs-4 cordyceps prove to be much more beneficial in protecting the body from oxidative stress and free radicals over ethanol extracts, rice grown and un-extracted mushrooms. Alcohol also feeds the growth of unfriendly bacteria. Hot water extract are more bioavailable and contain on average 50% more polysaccharides than other kinds.  Opening up capsules onto the tongue allows the blood brain barrier to be penetrated experiencing the jing effects right away.

One of the components to look for in cordyceps besides the hot water extraction process is how much adenosine does the extract provide? This is crucial as it promotes the production of mitochondrial adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal energy molecule.

Cordyceps restores glandular function and promotes vitality. Mushroom Science creates superior cordyceps offering a whopping .25% adenosine per 400 milligram capsule. This feeds the adrenal glands, lengthens telomeres and builds jing over time.

Our body offers immune barriers, which are layers of microbes surrounding our system. Cordyceps layering immune system effects can help with auto immune conditions, cancer, diabetes, tumors and respiratory challenges due to their adaptogenic nature.

They also have proven to be helpful after an organ transplant at ensuring a healthy immune response.

Cordyceps are allies for both our innate and adaptive immunity, they also offer therapeutic nourishment for the gut micro-biome. What testing revealed was that these intelligent mushrooms were able to regulate intestinal bacteria improving systemic immunity. Lastly, they help restore insulin sensitivity, a huge challenge in most people today.

With a ketogenic and jing tonifying herbal program one can easily thrive in the modern world. Incorporate medicinal mushrooms like cordyceps into your daily program if you want to layer your immune system and slow aging.

In a trial involving cancer patients with several different types of tumors, a majority of those treated for two months with 6 grams of Cordyceps daily, reported improved subjective symptoms. In approximately 50% of the patients, white blood cell counts remained high, while tumor size was significantly reduced.

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