Cleanse Your Mind and Release Weight With Hiking

release weight with hiking

Release Weight with Hiking

If we are under stress it is much harder to lose weight. This is why the soothing energy of nature can help clear our minds and in turn help release weight.

If you are looking for an easy way to improve your health right now, then hiking should be at the top of your list for more reasons than you might imagine.

Below, are some of the biggest health benefits that you can reap if you hike on a regular basis, check them out and you might just be convinced to lace up your walking boots and get out there in the fresh air!

You can burn a lot of calories

If you are looking to lose weight, or even to maintain your healthy weight, then hiking is an excellent activity to take up. You can burn as many as 300-600 calories per hour of hiking, and because you can go at your own pace, it will not seem as grueling to do so as many other exercises, which means you’re more likely to stick with it too. 

It is easier to release weight with hiking because your mind is more clear.

Grounding for a Clear Mind

Grounding with nature naturally helps reset your bottoms bio rhythms for optimal health.

You can learn more about grounding in my post here.

You discharge stagnant energy and your soul feels nourished in nature. Getting out of the box mentality of your home with walls can really help expand your consciousness.

This leads us to improved mental health.

It’s Great for your Mental Health

Hiking enthusiasts will tell you that getting out in the fresh air surrounded by blue skies, green trees, and birdsong is one of the best things for your mental health.

Various studies confirm that nature can lower stress levels, lessen symptoms of anxiety and help people with depression, so if you’re feeling blue, there is nothing better to do than lace up your walking boots and go for a long leisurely hike.

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Strengthen bones and muscles

Having strong bones and muscles is really important, especially as you age, and it just so happens that hiking can help you with that too.

Hiking is a weight-bearing activity that forces you to work against gravity, which helps to build stronger bones and develop stronger muscles, especially in the glutes, calves, knees, back, and shoulder, but all over too.

Even a gentle hike can help improve bone density, so no matter how hard and fast you hike, or not, you will reap the rewards.

Get a good night’s sleep

Anyone who has ever been for a long hike in a beautiful National Park, whether at home or while traveling, will tell you that they have slept like a baby that night.

There is no denying that hiking can help you get the shut-eye you so desperately need by not only expending lots of physical energy but by exposing you to lots of sunlight during the day which helps with your circadian rhythms and exposing you to lots of fresh air, which has been shown to help with sleep too.

Release Weight With Hiking

Better balance

As you get older, good balance is important because it can help you avoid falls and the resulting injuries they cause. Hiking can help you to develop s longer balance because, when you are walking you will need to keep yourself upright. This will develop your core and strength your hips and you will be able to balance like the best of them.

As you can see, hiking is one of the best things you can do for your health, and it is also free and easy for most able-bodied people to get started with. So, what are you waiting for?

Boost your mental state and your weight loss efforts by going out on a hike in nature.

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