Can A Plant Based Diet Make You Ultra Disease Resistant?

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Can a plant based diet help us ward off disease and become disease resistant?

As we look at the United States and see how the foods we eat are directly related to the dis-eases in the body we may start to remember our essence and get back to the truth. Most diseases in the body relate directly to what we are feeding them.

If we are truly conscious when we feed ourselves and embody breath work we would find bodies of radiance, vibrancy, with an abundance of energy creating a lean, clean and serene body, mind and spirit.  First I must say that there are many things that come into play beyond what you eat.  

Your thoughts, your level of gratitude for this life, your cellular environment and exercise all play a role.  Today I am covering the nutritional aspect.  

Plant Based Diet Proof of Health and Disease Resistance

One of the most inspiring parts of my mentor and friend is that he is living proof (47 years)  that these dietary guidelines indeed work. Decades ago he was dying and full of disease and issues.

When he had a near death experience and was shown these principles of living that I speak of through out the blog his whole life transformed for the better. He now is still vibrant and healthy sharing and teach about the power of live plant based foods.

Today I am just going to share the nuts and bolts  because this information relates to those glorious nuts and seeds we can thrive on.

Nuts and Seeds are a vital part of a plant based living food lifestyle. But, what most people are missing is the soaking, germinating and culturing of the nuts and seeds. For free recipes go to the Cosmic Kitchen on our site.

How to Activate Nuts and Seeds to Be Disease Resistant

The main thing we have to understand is it is the phytic acid in nuts and seeds that hinder our health. This can cause damage to your teeth and other bones in the body. It can disrupt your immune system over time. 

Now a few handful of nuts here and there is no big deal. The issue is when you eat too many like cups of nut butter and so forth that it becomes a real issue.

The key is to not only soak them but then germinate and culture them into a living probiotic rich food. Your gut will love you for it.

This is the key to unlocking the proteins so that they can be converted into amino acids to manufacture a healthy body which means radiant hair, skin and dense bones. 

Below I will share a simple recipe in order to create an amazing culture.  With this culture you can make dressings, patte’s, yogurts and smoothies.

Plant Based Recipe

1 cup of Organic, Raw Almonds

2 cups Young Thai Coconut meat

Soak the almonds in clean water for 24 to 48 hours changing the water periodically as it requires. Next, you want to drain the water off and put into the blender with  1 or 2 scoopfuls of a quality probiotic.

Add in the Coconut meat and a small amount of coconut water to get it blending.

When this is the consistency you prefer store in a glass jar with a lid loosely placed on the top so that it will culture.

On a hot day it may only take 3 hours, on a cool day it could take 6.  Once this has cultured, you can store in the refrigerator with the jar sealed.

This is the base for so many living plant based recipes like soups, smoothies, dressings and more.

Are you wanting a video course to help you stay disease resistant and high vibe? Then check out my latest recipe video course here.

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