Your Breath is Your Greatest Asset in this Life

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Your greatest asset in this life is free and has been with you all along.

It is Called the Breath.

The SOULution to your specific challenge has always been within.

Conscious breathing connects us to the vastness of life. Contrary to the mind that often takes us down the rabbit hole of fearful thoughts,  made up mind games and egoic illusions –  the breath is expansive, and that which connects to our true nature.  Just one round of deep breathing exercises has the ability to take you out of the fight or flight response.

The breath is the doorway to the unseen worlds, to parallel realities that await your arrival and acknowledgment. You don’t have to change your exterior environment or even ask someone else to change. When you shift your breath rhythms you start to see life more accurately.

Through the breath, one has the opportunity to empower themselves as the healer of their own life.

It is ironic that the very thing that is free, that each one of us has access to, that is inside of you is your Greatest Liberator and Giver of all things. Yet few choose to tune into it and bow to its powerful link to the map of their destiny.

Through it and by it, we can suspend thought and open up to the vastness of ourselves linking us to the rhythm of our destiny. Not one person is denied this opportunity.

We humans, have another name.

We are each known as Pranee ~ One Living By The Grace of the Prana.

If only we would realize and respect its healing guidance we would be forever changed.

Beyond the psychological benefits the breath purifies the blood and gets valuable oxygen to the brain and glands. When this happens our whole chemistry shifts and often we feel a better sense of peace and clarity.

Our nervous system is directly effected by conscious breathing. It teaches us to anchor into stillness and see life more clearly.  When we activate the parasympathetic nervous system we feel calm and safe.

In my next post I will share a basic breath series to start your day. In the mean time feel free to check out this infographic I curated to depict the benefits of Pranayama.

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